Currency Solutions Money Transfer Review

  • CurrencySolutions logoCompany name: CurrencySolutions LTD
  • Service description: Bank to bank international money transfers via online platform and phone.
  • Website address:
  • Website Languages: English.
  • Review Summary: With over 100,000 clients and more than 12 years of experience, Currency Solutions has become one of the leaders in the money transfer industry by providing great customer support and some of the best rates on the market. For more information about the service they provide, be sure to read our in-depth Currency Solutions Review.
  • Recommendation: A good mid-size foreign exchange firm, headquartered in London. Can be used by those who want to switch it up and not work with only one of the industry leaders.]

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Currency Solutions Fees:

The best part of using them is their no-fee transfers. Currency Solutions does not charge any fees for making international transfers, no cross-border charges or any other hidden commission.

The only impediment for some people might be their minimum transfer amount of £3000 (or the equivalent in other currencies).

If you’re interested in sending small amounts, be sure to take a look at TransferWise.

Currency Solutions Supported Currencies:

USD – US Dollar
EUR – Euro
AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
CZK – Czech koruna

DKK – Danish krone
HKD- Hong Kong dollar
HUF – Hungarian forint
ILS – Israeli shekel
JPY – Japanese yen

NZD – New Zealand Dollar
NOK – Norwegian Krone
PLN – Polish Zloty
ZAR – South African Rand
BRL – Brazilian Real


Their main office in London like many other similar companies, but they also have an office in Paphos, Cyprus. Having two offices means that they can better and quicker server their clients.


Currency Solutions is a FCA and HMRC authorised and regulated company, which means that they are legally approved to make money transfers and provide their services in UK.

In short, it means that your money are safe with them so you can rest assure that everything is according to the law.

Segregated Accounts:

All the clients’ money is transacted through segregated accounts. What this means is that the money are transacted under the client name and is not put in the same basket with the companies’ money. So if something was to happen to Currency Solutions, you will get your money back immediately.

Registration Process:

If you ever registered to a forum or made a dentist appointment online, you can make an account with them because everything is very straight forward.

The first step is to enter your personal details like the usual Name, Surname, email, password and so on.

currency solutions signup process

The next step needs more details but still basic stuff – Home address, date and place of birth. But also some information about your money transfer needs:

Currency solutions details

The third step is to upload the scans of your passport and a recent utility bill:

ID scans upload

After you upload the needed documents, you will receive an email and a message like the one bellow:

Currency solutions last step sign-up


If you interested in knowing the currency market and how it is changing daily or if you want to know when is the best time to exchange your currency, be sure to check out their News section where they post daily updates and predictions.


Before initiating a new transfer, you need to be sure that all the information is in order. This is where their Tools section comes in hand, not just for the currency converter but mostly for the IBAN checker and SWIFT checker. Imagine sending money to the wrong person. A bad situation that can be avoided by double checking your information beforehand.


If you still have questions about their services, we recommend going to the Support section where you will find answers for the most common problems or questions that you might have.

currency solutions support faq

We hope that this Currency Solutions review has answered all your questions about the company. In case you still need more info about them or their service, be sure to leave us a message and we will get back to you.

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