TorFX Exchange Rates

TorFX was generous to offer our readers preferential rates. That means that if you sign up through our link, you will be entitled to better rates than other clients who got to TorFX otherwise. Below is a breakdown and example of the rates you should be expecting.

Preferential Rates – Exclusive to’s Readers:

For Transfers of £5,000 or equivalent and up:

Currency PairReal Interbank RateEstimated Quote TorFX
GBP  to EUR1.1370 EUR1.1302 EUR
EUR to GBP0.8795 GBP0.8742 GBP
GBP to USD1.2818 USD1.2741 USD
USD to GBP0.7802 GBP0.7755 GBP
USD to EUR0.8870 EUR0.8817 EUR
EUR to USD1.1274 USD1.7923 AUD
GBP to AUD1.8032 AUD0.5513 GBP
AUD to GBP0.5546 GBP1.0312 NZD
AUD to NZD1.0374 NZD1.0312 NZD
GBP to NZD1.8706 NZD1.8593 NZD
USD to NZD1.4594 NZD1.4506 NZD
NZD to AUD0.9640 AUD0.9582 AUD
NZD to GBP0.5346 GBP0.5314 GBP
NZD to USD0.6852 USD0.6811 USD
GBP to SGD1.7407 SGD1.7302 SGD
AUD to SGD0.9653 SGD0.9595 SGD
USD to SGD1.3580 SGD1.3498 SGD
SGD to GBP0.5745 GBP0.5711 GBP
SGD to AUD1.0359 AUD1.0297 AUD
SGD to USD0.7364 USD0.7320 USD

For Transfers of £50,000 or equivalent and up:

Currency PairReal Interbank RateEstimated Quote TorFX
GBP  to EUR1.1370 EUR1.1313 EUR
EUR to GBP0.8795 GBP0.8751 GBP
GBP to USD1.2818 USD1.2754 USD
USD to GBP0.7802 GBP0.7763 GBP
USD to EUR0.8870 EUR0.8826 EUR
EUR to USD1.1274 USD1.7941 AUD
GBP to AUD1.8032 AUD0.5518 GBP
AUD to GBP0.5546 GBP1.0322 NZD
AUD to NZD1.0374 NZD1.0322 NZD
GBP to NZD1.8706 NZD1.8612 NZD
USD to NZD1.4594 NZD1.4521 NZD
NZD to AUD0.9640 AUD0.9591 AUD
NZD to GBP0.5346 GBP0.5319 GBP
NZD to USD0.6852 USD0.6818 USD
GBP to SGD1.7407 SGD1.7319 SGD
AUD to SGD0.9653 SGD0.9605 SGD
USD to SGD1.3580 SGD1.3512 SGD
SGD to GBP0.5745 GBP0.5716 GBP
SGD to AUD1.0359 AUD1.0307 AUD
SGD to USD0.7364 USD0.7327 USD

For Transfers of £150,000 or equivalent and up:

Currency PairReal Interbank RateEstimated Quote TorFX
GBP  to EUR1.1370 EUR1.1324 EUR
EUR to GBP0.8795 GBP0.8760 GBP
GBP to USD1.2818 USD1.2767 USD
USD to GBP0.7802 GBP0.7770 GBP
USD to EUR0.8870 EUR0.8835 EUR
EUR to USD1.1274 USD1.7959 AUD
GBP to AUD1.8032 AUD0.5524 GBP
AUD to GBP0.5546 GBP1.0332 NZD
AUD to NZD1.0374 NZD1.0332 NZD
GBP to NZD1.8706 NZD1.8631 NZD
USD to NZD1.4594 NZD1.4535 NZD
NZD to AUD0.9640 AUD0.9601 AUD
NZD to GBP0.5346 GBP0.5325 GBP
NZD to USD0.6852 USD0.6825 USD
GBP to SGD1.7407 SGD1.7337 SGD
AUD to SGD0.9653 SGD0.9615 SGD
USD to SGD1.3580 SGD1.3526 SGD
SGD to GBP0.5745 GBP0.5722 GBP
SGD to AUD1.0359 AUD1.0318 AUD
SGD to USD0.7364 USD0.7334 USD

We do not guarantee the accuracy of these quotes. Exchange rate constantly fluctuate and by the the time you ask for a quote it may change.
The quotes presented are specific to the amounts transferred. You won’t get the same rate for a small transfer (but, on the other hand, you will always get preferential rates which are better than World First’s default rates). For lower amounts, you might be interested in taking a look at the Transferwise exchange rates.
The offer is only valid for new clients which are currently not registered with the firm, and sign up to it using the our referral link.

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