World First Money Transfer Review

  • World First logoCompany name: World First LTD
  • Service description: Bank to bank international money transfers via online platform or phone.
  • Website address:
  • Website Languages: English, French, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Servicing clients: Almost globally.
  • Review Summary: World First has grow and expand over the years, now reaching a worldwide audience with offices on 4 continents and over 600 employees. This way they can better understand the needs of their customers and satisfy the legal boundaries (as certain countries require local regulations to be imposed).
  • Is World First legit? Their continued care for their customers has led them to win many awards each year since 2009 until today, proving that indeed, they are a trusted company.  You can check them in detail below in this WorldFirst Reviewand in additional articles written about them.
  • Recommendation: One of the best financial services out there! Quick sign up, coherent system and friendly dealers. Excellent, competition-beating rates for our readers.
  • Special offer? Yes, preferential rates for our reader. View WorldFirst rates here.
  • Fees: Fee-free for all the transfers of over $1,000 USD (or foreign currency equivalent).

Rating:  – Perfect Score – Top Rated

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World First Fees:

For most countries there is no fee. The only requirement is that the minimum sum for transfers is £1,000. Some countries, however, have other fee structures. But be assured that they are some of the lowest on the market and are far lower than any bank will charge.

  • North America – Free as long as you make a transfer of over $1,000. For transfers under $1,000 they charge $10.
  • Australia – Free as long as you make a transfer for over $1,000. For transfers under $1,000 they charge a flat fee of $15.
  • All others – Free on any amount.

Let’s see how they compare with other firms:


Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
GBP 79,112.08
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
GBP 78,616.35
Receive To:
Bank, Cash, Mobile Top Up
Small World FS Review

Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
GBP 78,558.30
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
TransferWise Review

USA to Europe

Amount Received:
EUR 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
USD 114,737.31
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

Amount Received:
EUR 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
USD 115,433.45
Receive To:
Bank, Cash, Mobile Top Up
Small World FS Review

Amount Received:
EUR 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
USD 113,934.15
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
TransferWise Review

Europe to Australia

Amount Received:
AUD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
EUR 63,664.77
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

Amount Received:
AUD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
EUR 66,225.17
Receive To:
Bank, Cash, Mobile Top Up
Small World FS Review

Amount Received:
AUD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
EUR 63,219.12
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
TransferWise Review

Australia to USA

Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
AUD 139,809.71
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
AUD 139,809.71
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

Amount Received:
USD 100,000.00
Amount Sent:
AUD 139,809.71
Receive To:
Bank Account Only
World First Review

The rates presented here are unique for They are purely indicative. They are sensitive to the amount sent. You won’t get the same rates for $10,000 as you do for $100,000. View the full explanation of WorldFirst Exchange Rates here.

Comparison with Similar Companies:


World First Foreign Currency – Supported Currencies:

AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham
ALL – Albanian Lek
AMD – Armenian Dram
ANG – Netherlands Antillean Guilder
AOA – Angolan Kwanza
ARS – Argentine Peso
AUD – Australian Dollar
AZN – Azerbaijan New Manat
BAM – Bosnia Herzegovina Marka
BBD – Barbados Dollars
BGN – Bulgarian lev
BHD – Bahrain dinars
BIF – Burundian Franc
BMD – Bermudian Dollar
BND – Brunei Dollar
BOB – Bolivian Boliviano
BRL – Brazilian Real
BSD – Bahamian Dollar
BWP – Botswana Pula
BYR – Belarusian Ruble
BZD – Belize Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
CDF – Congolese Franc
CHF – Swiss Franc
CLP – Chilean Peso
CNH – Chinese Offshore Yuan
CNY – Chinese Yuan
COP – Columbian Peso
CRC – Costa Rican Colon
CVE – Cape Verde Escudo
CZK – Czech Koruna
DJF – Djibouti Franc
DKK – Danish Kroner
DOP – Dominican Peso
DZD – Algerian Dinar
EGP – Egyptian Pound
ERN – Eritrean Nakfa
ETB – Ethiopian Birr
EUR – Euro
FJD – Fijian Dollars
GBP – British Pound
GEL – Georgian Lari
GHS – Ghanaian Cedi

GMD – Gambian Dalasi
GNF – Guinean Franc
GTQ – Guatemalan Quetzal
GYD – Guyanese Dollar
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
HNL – Honduran Lempira
HRK – Croatian Kuna
HTG – Haitian Gourde
HUF – Hungarian Forint
IDR – Indonesian Rupiah
ILS – Israeli New Shekel
INR – Indian Rupees
IQD – Iraqi Dinar
ISK – Icelandic Kronur
JMD – Jamaican Dollar
JOD – Jordan Dinar
JPY – Japanese Yen
KES – Kenyan Shilling
KHR – Cambodian Riel
KRW – South Korean Won
KWD – Kuwaiti Dinar
KYD – Cayman Island Dollar
KZT – Kazakhstani Tenge
LAK – Laos Kip
LBP – Lebanese Pound
LKR – Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD – Liberian Dollar
LSL – Lesotho Loti
LTL – Lithuanian Lita
LVL – Latvian Lat
MAD – Moroccan Dirham
MGA – Malagsy Ariary
MKD – Macedonian Denar
MNT – Mongolian Tugrik
MRO – Mauritanian Ouguiya
MUR – Mauritian Rupees
MWK – Malawian Kwacha
MXN – Mexican Peso
MYR – Malaysian Ringit
MZN – Mozambican Metical
NAD – Namibian Dollar
NGN – Nigerian Naira
NIO – Nicaraguan Cordoba

NOK – Norwegian Krone
NPR – Nepalese Rupee
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
OMR – Omani Riyal
PEN – Peruvian Nuevo Sol
PGK – Papua New Guinean Kina
PHP – Philippine Peso
PKR – Pakistan Rupees
PLN – Polish Zlotych
PYG – Paraguayan Guarani
QAR – Qatari Rial
RON – Romanian Lei
RSD – Serbian Dinar
RUB – Russian ruble
RWF – Rwandan Franc
SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
SBD – Solomon Islands Dollar
SCR – Seychelles Rupee
SEK – Swedish Kronor
SGD – Singapore Dollar
SLL – Sierra Leonean Leone
SRD – Surinamese Dollar
STD – Sao Tome Principe Dobra
SZL – Swaziland Lilangeni
THB – Thai Baht
TND – Tunisian dinar
TOP – Tongan Pa’anga
TRY – Turkish Lira
TTD – Trinidad and Tobago Dollars
TWD – Taiwan New Dollar
TZS – Tanzanian Shilling
UGX – Ugandan Shilling
USD – United States Dollar
UYU – Uruguayan Peso
VEF – Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte
VND – Vietnamese Dong
VUV – Vanuatu Vatu
WST – Samoan Tala
XCD – East Carribean Dollar
XOF – Central African States CFA Fra
XPF – French Pacific Franc
ZAR – South African Rand
ZMW – Zambian Kwacha

Visit and Get Special Rates (Exclusive Offer)


Being a company that offers a service that truly serves worldwide customers, WorldFirst has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Honk Kong, Singapore and Japan. This means they have local offices on 4 different continents.


In order to be able to take on clients from most of the important countries and regions, WorldFirst it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK), FinCen (USA), Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (Canada), ASIC (Australia) and the Customs and Excise Department (Hong Kong).

Client’s Reviews of World First:

World First is one of the most reputable money transfer companies in the world and clients are generally very satisfied with their experiences over there. As a matter of fact, if you look at Feefo or in online forums relating to online sellers or small businesses, you will find more than 1,000 reviews of the firm by existing clients with very high percentages of satisfaction. Those existing customers are not only satisfied about the technological aspect of the company! They are happy to have someone reliable to speak to who ensures them that WorldFirst is safe to use and provides guidance on these topics that many small business owners and private clients don’t know anything about.


World First is one of the first companies that implemented the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system for its customers. This is becoming the standard among the top companies that deal with sensitive data and especially those in the financial sector. Why? Because 2FA increases the security of your account and reduces the possibility of your account being compromised.

How is 2FA working with my WorldFirst account?

When you want to sign in your WorldFirst account, you will enter as usual your username and password bu then, they will send you a 6 digit code to your phone number (the one that you added in your account). You simply need to enter that code to be able to access your account. That’s it.

Mobile App:

WorldFirst has developed one of the best mobile app in the market which can help you make a transfer in less than a minute. But why is it good? The fact is that other companies have mostly an app that features a currency converter and, that’s about it. In order to complete a transfer you will still need to go online or talk at the phone with an agent.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. With the World First Money Transfer app you can move money around the world using also your smartwatch.

With the WorldFirst app you can :

  • Make a trade in 30 seconds (if you already have your payee set up).
  • Make use of their currency converter (like any other app).
  • Track your payments from sender to receiver.
  • Live rates for all the currencies (so you can know where the market is).
  • Pay by card – Book a rate and pay all in one place.

Press and Awards for World First Ltd UK:

Having a great product or service means that people will talk about it. And the big names in the business sector are talking about WorldFirst with the upmost respect. Here we will list just a few stellar reviews from the top four publications in the market.

yahoothe times








And with great acclaim come the awards! Does at least one award every year for the last 6 years sound good enough? We believe so. Here are the most important ones:

*WorldFirst ranked #7 in 2016 in the prestigious The Sunday Times International Track 200. You can take a look at the full list here.

1 23

5 64

Registration Process:

The registration process is very simple with WorldFirst. The first thing you will have to do, is to choose the type of account you need: Personal, Business or Online Seller. For the sake of this tutorial, we will choose the “For you” profile.

Personal, business or online seller account WorldFirst

The second step is pretty similar to any website where there is a need for an account creation – Name, username, password, email and country. Pretty straight forward here.

personal details WorldFirst

In the next step you will need to add more personal details like phone number, date of birth and occupation.

more details World First

In step number 4 you will need to provide the details of where you live. Info like city, address and postcode:

Address details

In order for the company to have a better understanding of your needs and provide the best rates for you, they will want to know what type of transfers you are likely to do, what kind of currency exchanges and so on.

currency transfer requirements

And that’s it, you have created your account with World First. You should have received an email by now in your inbox. Also, when you login for the first time, you will be required to setup your 2 security questions, just like you have with your email address.

security questions

Making your first World First money transfer

Again, a very simple and straight forward approach. You will need to enter all the necessary details of the beneficiary on the form. Things like; Beneficiary name, email, address, bank name and address, account number, SWIFT/BIC .

You will need to provide a name for this beneficiary that will be stored into your account. A name that is representative so you can easily identify it and select it for a future money transfer. You can set up multiple beneficiaries in your account and the next time you need to send money to someone you simply select it and make the transfer without the hassle of providing all the details again. Very helpful for those that make many transfers.

The backend

currency exchange chartsYour account dashboard is very clean and intuitive and packed with resources to assist you in every step, any situation. Other tools that can help you decide when to make the most out of your money (especially if want to send money overseas) are provided in your account interface. For example, a historical currency exchange chart that can be customised according to your needs – you can choose the currency you are interested in and the period of time to show. This way you can see the fluctuations of a certain currency in the past 3 days or 1 month or even 1 year. A very good tool for when you need to make a large money transfer overseas.



News and Articles

youtubeAt the bottom of your account you will see a ‘News’ section where they have listed the latest news and articles posted on their blog about the market and finance in general. Very useful information that will prepare and give hints to those that are interested in buying properties overseas, investing or simply sending money abroad.

Not keen on reading material? Not a problem, every item of news or article is commented and detailed upon in their daily videos posted on their Youtube channel. So grab a cup of coffee and listen to the most important market news provided by a WorldFirst specialist.





World First provides support for every client by providing a dedicated account manager for every account. If you don’t find an answer for your problem in their FAQ section, be sure to give them a call or email at the info provided in your account. If you don’t know where to find it, check the image bellow:



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