Xendpay Money Transfer Review

Company name: Xendpay Ltd

Service description: Bank to bank international money transfers via online platform.

Website address: www.xendpay.com

Website Languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Polish.

Review Summary: Xendpay is a Fintech money transfer service dedicated to reducing the cost of international online and mobile money transfers. It has a unique fee structure and it has become quite popular over the course of the past two years. It is owned by RationalFX, which is one of the better-known foreign exchange corporations in the UK.

Recommendation: Xendpay, although it is cheap and supposedly friendly, is constantly receiving bad client reviews. We do not trust this firm and its services. We recommend Transferwise or Currencyfair instead.


Xendpay Fees:

There are three types of fees which you may encounter when using Xendpay:

  1. Transfer fee: They have something called “Pay What You Want” which applies to transactions up to £2000 per year or the equivalent in your payment currency (and up to £4000 for business clients). Pay What You Want is their way of saying “pay whatever you think is our service worth”, and this means if you make only one small transfer, you can use their service for free.
  2. Delivery fee: Because they use banks and other financial services for different delivery methods, sometimes fees may occur:
    • Bank transfer delivery: free.
    • Mobile wallet delivery requires a charge, which may vary depending on your payment amount.
  3. Payment fee: Credit card companies with charges that vary according to your payment method;
    • Local bank transfer: free
    • Debit card : Free in Europe / 2.6% of your payment amount in all other countries
    • Credit card: 1.7% of your payment amount in Europe / 2.6% of your payment amount in all other countries
    • SOFORT: £1.50/€2.00 for any amount.

View how they compare with some of their toughest competitors:

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1,235.10 1.2391
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1,236.14 1.2424
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1,221.23 1.2424
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1,225.38 1.2303
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1,230.00 1.2337
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Xendpay Supported Currencies:

AED – Emirati Dirham
AUD – Australian Dollar
BHD – Bahraini Dinar
BRL – Brazilian Real
CAD – Canadian Dollar
CHF – Swiss Franc
CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
CZK – Czech Koruna
DKK – Danish Krone
EUR – Euro
FJD – Fijian Dollar
GBP – British Pound
GHS – Ghanaian Cedi
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar

HRK – Croatian Kuna
HUF – Hungarian Forint
IDR – Indonesian Rupiah
ILS – Israeli Shekel
INR – Indian Rupee
JOD – Jordanian Dinar
JPY – Japanese Yen
KES – Kenyan Shilling
KWD – Kuwaiti Dinar
LKR – Sri Lankan Rupee
MUR – Mauritian Rupee
MXN – Mexican Peso
NGN – Nigerian Naira
NOK – Norwegian Krone

NPR – Nepalese Rupee
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
PHP – Philippine Peso
PKR – Pakistani Rupee
PLN – Polish Zloty
QAR – Qatari Riyal
RON – Romanian New
SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
SEK – Swedish Krona
SGD – Singapore Dollar
THB – Thai Baht
TND – Tunisian Dinar
TRY – Turkish Lira
USD – US Dollar
ZAR – South African Rand

Xendpay Offices:

Xendpay has only one office in London, UK, which is their headquarters—not as “worldwide” as many of its competitors we have reviewed so far.

  • Headquarters London

    Level 32, One Canada Square

    Canary Wharf

    London, England E14 5AB

    United Kingdom


Xendpay is an agent of foreign exchange specialist RationalFX. RationalFX and their agents are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

Xendpay Mobile App:


You can download the Xendpay app for your iOS or Android device and start sending money the same way you would do by using the Xendpay website.

  • Send money to your existing or new recipients
  • Check rates and transfer costs without having to login
  • Track your transaction status
  • Verify your account

If you want to check it out on your own, here are the links for Android and iOS.


As much as we would like to rank Xendpay well for their outstandingly stylish website, great looking high-function app, and good rates (although worse than some competitors), we cannot ignore the huge volumes of complaints floating around the internet. Here is a genuine forum discussion:

Thumbs down Xendpay fraud 18 days ago I gave them money. They have lost my money, and they do not give me any solution. They’ve stolen 500 euros. They are scams. They do not give me a solution. Do not use Xendpay Xendpay this swindling money.


xendpay lie and scam.

It’s a lie. Do not trust your Xendpay

I’ve been talking to “Diego Rubio” 19 days, meil, phone or not … but the answer or does not give me solution. Xendpay stole my money (505 euros) and they do not give me any solution. Xendapy lying and cheating people. They DO NOT provide solutions to your problems. In Spain there are people who complain about them and everything they say is true. They are swindlers. Xendpay, give me a solution?


no, unprofessional team, service is bad, they also don’t treat their employees well so I have heard – look elsewhere.


I have tried to send 100€ from France to USA, there is 5 euros for the fee and XendPay takes some from the change.

When the change is fixed internationaly 1€=1.21 USD ;
XendPay fixed the change 1€=1.19 USD

I have send the 27th July 2012 : 105€ to the BarclayBank in Paris
Today 7th August 2012, XendPay asked me to send the 105€ (more !)
What a hell is it ! It takes 2 weeks to send money and XendPay asked again for money !



XSENDPAY are thieves, they are taking money from my card and not returning it said bank has to speak to them to get my money back for me.


Registration Process:

The first thing you need to do in order to sign up with Xendpay is to go to their website, click the Sign Up button and select how you want to register your account: as an Individual or as a Business. For this example, we will go the most used route and click the “As Individual” button.

As usual, the first step is to enter your name, email and password information and click “Register”:


Then comes the second round of personal details like gender, nationality, country and date of birth.


After that you will need to insert your full address, city, region, country and phone number:


The last step is to choose a security question from the drop down menu and enter your answer. Check the boxes and you are ready to go…


…to go to your inbox and open the email sent by Xendpay, where you will need to click a button to verify your account like in the picture bellow:


After you have clicked that link, you will be brought to a window where you will be required to enter your phone number and click send. The system will send you a text message with a six-digit code that you will have to enter it in the same window. After you click send, a new form will appear.

The next step will be to complete a form according to the anti-money-laundering guidelines and regulations:


And the very last step of this long registration process is that of uploading documents attesting to your identity and address, as you can see in the next picture:


News and Articles:

Xendpay has a Company News section featured on their website but truthfully, it’s way to rarely updated. I barely see two articles per year posted, so it’s not really a point of interest if you want to find out more about the company or the market. Compared to other similar services like TransferWise, which posts great content multiple times every month, Xendpay feels like they have a lack of interest in providing tips and support to their customers or potential customers.


If you have any questions about their service, be sure to visit the FAQ section, complete the contact form or call them directly at this numbers:


+44 20 7220 8158 8:30am – 5:30pm UK (Mon – Fri excluding UK Bank Holidays)


+33 (0)3 59 36 01 02 (France) 9:30am – 6:30pm CET (Mon – Fri excluding UK Bank Holidays)

+44 (0)20 7220 8195 (UK) 9:30am – 6:30pm CET (Mon – Fri excluding UK Bank Holidays)