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About us

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    What’s the idea behind InternationalMoneyTransfers.org?

    InternationalMoneyTransfers.org is out in the market to provide accurate-as-possible information about the foreign exchange market. We help readers understand the main selling points of commercial foreign exchange in imtlogocomparison to high street banks, and review the best companies enabling them to save incredible amounts of cash on large transfers. We build a comprehensive FAQ section our homepage to help people understand how the process works, and why should they feel secure and protected when working with our recommended companies.

    We have also written a multitude of country guides – pages that are specific to a certain geographical region, listing only companies that can send money to banks located in this country. We have also listed the current foreign exchange rates for domestic currency in that area, as well reviewed the main reasons people send money there. Some of our more popular guides including sending money to USA, money transfers to Australia, Spain, France and South Africa.

    We have also created free guides to help our audience (and still do, on a regular basis). Our most popular guides include our legal USA immigration guide, our moving abroad tips, our foreign exchange risk guide, and our Remittance study.


    How long does the site have been running for?

    IMT is running for approximately 7 months. Although we have tried our very best, inaccuracies may occur, and some things may need to be re-written. Please bear with us, because we are genuinely trying to do a good thing and help people find the cheapest ways of transferring money abroad. Bottom line: it’s still in beta testing at the moment.


    Are you approved by the FCA?

    No, we’re not. As a information website, we are not required to have any licensing or approval. We only list companies that adhere with the regulation, though.


    Who runs the site?

    Since the website is in beta testing, we still in clandestine for the time being. When traffic picks up, more details will follow.