Best Australia Expat Blogs In 2022

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The 2011 Census reported that over one in four of Aussies were born overseas and a 2014 sociological study concluded that: “Australia and Canada are the most receptive to immigration among western nations“.  Emigration into Australia is common, and the expatriate community is quite large.

Expats, or those who intend to be ones,  are seeking for information. Understanding how to do things properly is far from triviality. Luckily for those in search of information, you can find multiple blogs and sites offering guidance for a lean transition. But who has the best tips ? The most relevant photos ? Or the sincere and impartial answers ?

Nobody wants fluff content and generic blabber! Everybody is in search for the holy grail – that genuine voice he or she can relate to!

This is why we searched and selected the best of the best, the crème de la crème, from the multitude of Australia Expat Blogs that we can personally relate to.



Lauren is taking our #1 spot because of her comprehensive articles for every single problem or question that you might have pre or post arrival to Australia. Everything from city guides to jobs, real estate or insurances, Lauren’s website got you covered.

She compiled all the information needed in to a nice ebook that you can download for Free from her website. Take a look, leave a comment and ask her questions !



kirstieKirstie is originally from Pasadena, California, but now shes living the expat life in Sydney, Australia. Her blog is focusing more on travel but also features a lot of blogger interviews, reviewing restaurants and personal point of views.

Get to know her by visiting her blog and connect on all the major social media platforms.



manly“I created this Blog to keep my friends and family back home in the loop and share my experiences living as an expat in Australia.” – this is the description for the MyManlyBlog. This is arguably the best description ever!

It’s everything that you want: real, sincere and refreshing. And is great for those thinking to go to Manly because they don’t need to search thru the fluff to get the essential bits of info.



RussellRussell Ward is an expat and a writer who shares his experiences of making major life changes for the better and has been featured on Sydney local radio and appeared on House Hunters International, a top-rating U.S. lifestyle television show about moving abroad.

The posts are focused on four big topics: Moving Abroad, Travel, Career and Lifestyle.



framedmumThe blog of a British mum of two boys moved to Sydney, talking about the good and the bad of making a life changing decision to leave everything comfortable back home.

If the posts on her blog don’t bring you enough information, her essential ebooks help you plan your move to Australia. They will save you time, and help you take action and enjoy your move.



CyndieThe Mademoiselle Slimalicious blog is run by Cyndie, a Sydney-based lifestyle and food blogger. She is committed to live a healthier greener life and to inspire other people to follow the same path.

She is regularly featured in various media oulets in France and overseas to share about her unusual expatriation journey.


7. DorkyMum

dorky momRuth is Scot currently living in Hobart, Tasmania with her husband and five year old son. She started DorkyMum in 2011 as a creative outlet that she could fit around her life as a stay at home parent.

Her work is been published in local, national and online press, for titles including Guardian, Huffington Post, xoJane, Easy Living, BlogHer and so many other big names.



AnnabelA very nice looking blog with a minimalistic touch run by Annabel Symonds. Her focus is on travel, fashion, food but also Visa Advice. A lot of people are interested in any tips that will help them to obtain a visa to stay in Australia.

Her fashion advice has seen the approval of big websites like MSN, Today I’m Wearing, The Mosman Daily and Webjet, to name a few.



NewAusThis blog takes on a different approach to anything related to Australia and plays the satire card very well, creating some very interested and funny posts.

This might not be for everybody, as the author is very opinionated, but its refreshing to read “something else”.



CourtneyCourtney is an ex-fourth grade teacher from Houston, Texas and she has relocated to Brisbane, Australia in July 0f 2014. Follow the journey to check all the 30-before-30 challenges from her bucket list.

In her spare time she creates resources for other teachers, brush up on her español, work on her photography skills, and read excessive amounts of Wikipedia articles.

This concludes our Top 10 Best Australia Expat Blog list.

Who are we and what we do?

We’re, an informative site that helps individuals and businesses transfer money abroad for cheap.

We’re very much expat-oriented, and thus, we have decided to offer our visitors additional resources that could help them with their emigration journey.

We also have a specific page dedicated to sending money to Australia.


Due to the fact there are so many other worthwhile blogs, we had to make another list with Silver Star Blogs.

Here they are:

Sofianaaustralia.comFocused mostly on travel and the great times backpacking all over the world. A lot of travel and all the shenanigans that go with this trips. Discovering the most stunning landscapes from Tasmania. Expat stories from three countries – Indonesia, Scotland and Australia. The expat experience of a Cuban-American living in Melbourne, Australia. Beautiful photos from all the beaches that Australia can offer but Sydney especially. You’ve got to check out Vicky’s photos on Flickr – they’re amazing. An expat blog about life in Sydney with a personal touch.  Every post is packed with great info for expats and soon to be expats in Australia.

How did we make this list and what factors where there taken in to consideration ? Well, even though the main factor was of a subjective matter, we still used a few stats like:

  • Traffic – We used Alexa rankings as a tool to estimate the traffic.
  • Age – Took in to consideration when the blog was created.
  • Post number and frequency – Is it mostly an old and forgotten blog or is updated constantly?
  • Feedback – Does the articles make the visitors start talking and leaving comments?

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