Best Canada Expat Blogs In 2022

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Canada is a preferred destination for many of those who want to make a change in their lives and each year, it welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants from different parts of the world. It seems like a big number, but in reality is just a small fraction of the 45 million people who will want to immigrate, according to a 2014 GALLUP survey.

This cultural “melting pot” has created the national identity that Canada is known for. And this is one of the reasons why people want to go in this part of the world, because they will not feel segregated or outsiders as much as it is in other countries.

But moving in a new country is always hard, no matter what country it is. You have to learn new laws, you have to understand how things work and how to deal with all the challenges that a new arrival will have to surpass them.

Luckily, there are people who have documented this steps and are willingly to share tips and give advices in their blogs. And luckily for you, we have made a list with 10 of the Best Canadian Expat blogs. So you can easily find the information you need, written with a personal touch.


correresmidestino blogJuliette was born and raised in Nantes, France but since 2004 has been living in Ottawa with her husband and son. Since 2009 she is a Cana­dian cit­i­zen.

In her spare time she’s a traveler and a photographer with an interest in street and travel photography.

You can check some of her work on Flickr or her Shop where you can order 8“x10” prints with views from all over the world, not just Canada.

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fullofbeansandsausages blogHolly is a English girl who moved in 2013 to Canada for love (read the story here) who likes and blogs about knitting, crafting, traveling and life as an expat.

She started the blog like many expats do – to keep her family and friends updated with that the happenings over the ocean. But with time, the blog has become a place for a wider expat community who can easily relate, share and bring advice for others to digest.

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OffTrackTravel blogJean Robert and Gemma are one of the most adventurous couples we have seen so far. They really go by the working holiday way of traveling and seeing new countries, places and cultures.

They moved to Canada in November 2011 and since 2013 they started to take care of this lovely blog where you will see, through their photos and stories, many great places. Just take a look at their Instagram account.
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LostInTheLeafCityCarolyn has been taking care of this blog since 2012 and keep giving tips and guides on how to start anew for all the newcomers in Canada or just in the expat life.

The blog is full of good advices, money saving tips, visa information and everything that you mind need to know before and after you put foot on Canadian soil. So be sure to check her Newcomers section to be better prepared for the new life away from the old home.

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WorkingHolidayinCanadaThis website a little different from all the others from this list because it’s not so much of an expat blog but rather the cooperative efforts of multiple people who needed information and couldn’t find exactly what they needed.

So they decided to take matters in to their own hands and help others that will be in their situation. And to make it as it is today, they called the help of an “Business Angel”.

In the blog section especially you can find a lot of great info, guides and tips, to relieve you from all the pain of searching directions in getting you the working holiday that you always wanted.

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HowsItGoing-EhShelli is a Japanese-American valley girl from Los Angeles who works in the film industry in costumes (nice job to have) and in 2010 work sent her to Canada where she met her Canadian husband Jeff.

The title of the blog is a story by itself so far that be sure to check her About page.*Hint – it’s funny.

In her posts you will see the life of a wife and mother in Canada who’s always moving around, be it for work and just for the pleasure of traveling and seeing new things.

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restoflhistoireCassie’s blog is the view of a 29-year-old librarian and ESL teacher on life and self development. She currently resides in Vancouver with her husband but the past was full of stories from Montreal and Argentina.

Follow her blog and enjoy the beautiful pictures accompanying her every post.

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DreamsNStringsJen started the blog in January 2011 as a way to share ger first half marathon experience, fitness tips, and random musings with her friends and family. But since then many things have changed:

– she moved from Louisiana, USA to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

– she completed 8 half marathons

Be sure to follow her Travels category to see great places from Canada, USA and many other countries.

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LousLakeViewsThis blog takes you in the life of a British Expat mum & wife living in Toronto, Canada, who want to take on a new  approach to live by reversing the say “live to work” and focusing more on the “work to live”.

If you are interested in solely the expat information, you can check her Want to Emigrate to Canada? page and get all tips that she discovered on her own road as an immigrant. But we suggest that you also take a moment and take a look in to all her camping journeys. There are many pictures that will give a you mixture of energy and calmness at the same time.

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BritsInTorontoThis is a great resource targeted towards Brits located in (or want to move to) Toronto but a lot of the information is great for anybody, no matter of the home country. Who doesn’t want to know about great pubs, curry, jobs and dental care in the city.

The blog also brings a lot of information pertaining to citizenship and immigration laws in Canada. So Brit or not, put this website in your bookmarks, it will help you.

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Do you have any favorites that are not on the list? Let us know in the comment section bellow!

And if you are the owner of one of the blogs listed above…Congrats! You have done a great job with it so please continue to do so for many years to come. And because for every good task completed you usually get a badge of recognition, take a look below.

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