The Best Expat Destinations in Canada

Since Canada has historical ties with the UK, it is not surprising that there is a large population of UK expats that are currently residing in Canada. In fact, these expats from the UK are spread quite widely across Canada. Due to corporate opportunities, reasonable cost of living, and Canada’s picturesque beauty, Canada has a great deal to offer UK expats that are looking to branch out from residing full time in the UK in a country that has a high level of English. If you are considering where in Canada has a large expat community of UK citizens, consider the locations recommended below:

Top 5 Places for UK Expats in Canada

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario has one of the highest expat population rates in Canada. In fact, there are 15,000 UK expats living there. Aside from UK expats, there are also Indians, Poles, Italians, and Portuguese, which makes for an enjoyable and unique expat experience. UK expats continuously compliment the incredible restaurants that are available in Hamilton, Ontario. For expats that enjoy natural wonders, Hamilton, Ontario offers incredible access to Lake Ontario. The primary sectors of business that exist within Hamilton, Ontario are biosciences, agricultural industry, and manufacturing plants. A large portion of the UK expats that have relocated there are due to employment opportunities; however, it is always a benefit to have access to incredible natural views when working abroad.

London, Ontario

London, Ontario

There are at least 10,000 UK expats that are currently living in London, Ontario. One of the perks of living in London, Ontario is that UK expats have access to the United States in just an hour of driving. In terms of employment opportunities, the biotechnology market is enormous due to the presence of the University of Western Ontario. This biotechnology market has attracted a great deal of commerce and research collaborations between Canada and the United States. For an expat from the UK, having employment opportunities in London, Ontario is spectacular if there are opportunities in their industry since the commerce conducted between Canada and the United States is conducted in English. Employment opportunities aside, London, Ontario also is near some of the best sights in Canada for nature lovers. London, Ontario presents an excellent work-life balance for UK expats that have been fortunate enough to relocate there.

Ottawa, Ontario


Ottawa, Ontario  has a population of over 17,000 expats from the UK residing there. Ottawa, Ontario has a positive reputation for offering higher than average salaries in Canada, which makes the city an appealing destination for UK expats. Canada has its fair share of skiing opportunities; however, Ottawa, Ontario offers regular close access to skiing all season rather than just for vacation. This means that professionals there will be able to ski on the weekends without taking additional vacation time. In the summer, UK expats residing in Ottawa, Ontario have the opportunity to visit national parks, go swimming or take camping trips. This makes Ottawa, Ontario a very attractive choice for UK expats to consider. Lastly, Ottawa, Ontario has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada, which makes it appealing to UK expats that are relocating to Canada for employment with their families.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver, British Columbia is where the largest population of 600,000 expats from the UK reside. What makes Vancouver, British Columbia so special is the diversity that exists there due to the strong connection it has to Asia. There are many incredible employment opportunities for UK professionals that work with firms that conduct business in Asia. For families, there are world class schools to bring children along that want to grow up in a fast-paced city. In addition, there is a strong cultural connection to the UK in Vancouver, British Columbia where there are islands such as Victoria that are still a part of the UK. Vancouver, British Columbia is truly a cosmopolitan city that offers those that formerly lived in London a enough cultural diversity, incredible restaurants while having access to Canada’s natural wonders such as Banff and Whistler at the same time.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta is one of the most prosperous cities in Canada due to its stronghold in the Oil & Gas industry. There is also a strong connection between Edmonton, Alberta and Oil & Gas commerce with the United States. There are many multinational firms that conduct business in Edmonton, Alberta. In terms of the Oil & Gas business, expats from the UK have received employment offers to work in the offices of multinational firms with a presence in Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton, Alberta has also had a substantial surge in technology development and education. For UK expats in the fields of Education and Technology, there are opportunities to prosper in Edmonton, Alberta. The State of Alberta has at least 200,000 UK expats living there alone, which provides for a nice community of professionals living and working abroad.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Canada is one of the most sought-after expat living destinations in the world. UK expats do have an advantage in Canada in that there is a long and established history between Canada and the UK. For this reason, there is a strong commercial relationship, which can provide lucrative employment opportunities for those that would like to live outside of the UK, gain global experience, and enjoy the perks of expat life. Depending on what expats from the UK are looking for, the city to enjoy that has a cultural mix and pace similar to London is Vancouver.

In terms of cities that have a nice balance of being friendly to both job relocation and quality of family life, Ottawa, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario offer a nice combination between employment opportunities, family friendly atmosphere, access to stunning scenery, and unique combination of expats from around the globe. In the future, it is highly likely that more expats from the UK will decide to spend time in Canada due to the unique opportunities and cities there are to choose from across the Atlantic Ocean.

If Canada is not exactly what you want, maybe you can take a look at the best cities for UK expats in the US.