The Best Expat Destinations in Spain

Spain surely has its appeal for expats and the globe. The reason for this is that Spain has wonderful weather, a relaxed way of life, and spectacular culture for expats to enjoy. When considering living in Spain, it is wise to get out of the main cities such as Madrid and Barcelona in order to experience the real Spain.

What makes Spain a special place is the smaller cities that truly embody the Iberian way of life. This is where you will find a rewarding experience as an expat in that you can dive into Spanish culture and truly experience the beauty and sophistication that exists there from centuries of established tradition.

Consider the following cities below when scouting out potential expat destinations in Spain:


Granada Spain castle

Granada is one of Spain’s gems. The reason that Granada is so special is that it’s one of Spain’s cities that still has a visible trace of the Moors who lived in Southern Spain for almost six-hundred years. The architecture and cuisine that can be found in Granada are some of the best that Spain has to offer. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other Spanish cities. For those expats looking for a slower pace of life, Granada surely offers tranquil parks and a small tight-knit community to enjoy. Be sure to consider Granada when trying to decide where to live in Spain as an expat.


Cordoba Spain

Córdoba is another fine city in Southern Spain to consider. What makes Córdoba spectacular is the mixture of cultures that have resided there over the centuries. Córdoba used to be the intellectual capital of the Moorish rule in Spain. This is no surprise upon wandering through the spectacular museums in the city. Another benefit of living near Córdoba as an expat is that there is a divine wine country and pleasant countryside drives that are not far from Córdoba. Córdoba provides access to one of the most delightful parts of Spain while providing a great community for expats to enjoy.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela Spain

Santiago de Compostela is the main city in Galicia, which is the region of Spain that still has traces of Celtic influence. What makes this city extra special is that it has an urban feel that makes the expat feel as if they are in parts of Ireland or Scotland at times. Santiago de Compostela is close to the divine beaches in Galicia that are also some of the most beautiful that Spain has to offer.

What makes Santiago de Compostela an ideal choice is that it allows the expat to have a central location in one of the most culturally distinct parts of Spain that speak Gallego, which is a dialect that mixes Celtic roots with mainland Spanish. For expats, Santiago de Compostela is a great choice to consider for a smaller city that truly has its own cultural identity.

San Sebastián

San Sebastián Spain

The Basque Country is one of Spain’s other top destinations. San Sebastián is known for its small-town feel, spectacular cuisine, and stunning views. For the expat that is looking for a quiet city to retire in that is by the ocean, San Sebastián is a wonderful choice to consider. For the expat that is more of a foodie, San Sebastián is home to some of the best cuisine in Spain. Pinchos are from San Sebastián, which are the Basque Country’s version of tapas. Within downtown San Sebastián, there are many places to enjoy Pinchos and hop from place to place. San Sebastián offers a great deal to expats that would like to enjoy the beach, yet still, have a slower pace of life. Consider San Sebastián for its unique location, culture, and history and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find as an expat.

Final Remarks

Spain offers a great deal to expats that are looking for the ideal place to work, raise a family, live semi-permanently or retire. What is unique about Spain is that there are many distinct cultures and languages within the country that have been existence for centuries. This is what provides so many unique choices to expats that would like to experience the diverse culture that Spain has to offer. Be sure to consider the various regions and cultures of Spain when trying to decide where to live as an expat.

Should you do so, you will be able to find an incredible place to reside that does not necessarily have a high cost of living. In addition, you will also be able to find a locale that has spectacular weather year round. Consider Spain when you are looking for the ideal place to reside as an expat and even buy a property and you will surely not regret your decision to enjoy the Spanish side of life.