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Japan attracted 31 million international tourists in 2018 and in 2017, Japan ranked 4th out of 141 countries overall according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.

And that’s not a big surprise considering that Japan has 21 World Heritage Sites, ski resorts such as Niseko, attractions like Tokyo. Hiroshima and Mount Fuji. Not taking in to consideration the beautiful history the country has.

So, if you decide to go to Japan in the near future, be sure to check the blogs listed bellow to know what to check out, what is worth visiting and what is not. They already did

1. Off Beat Japan

Off Beat JapanOff Beat Japan is the brainchild of French photographer Jordy Meow, who currently resides in Japan. Through the blog, he hopes to discover new information about the country especially offbeat and lesser recognized areas. Jordy intends to share this knowledge with foreigners who are coming to Japan for the first time. He notes that the country is known globally for its large cities such as Miyajima and Hakone, but other remote areas aren’t well known by people.

All the content found on this blog is original and comes from Jordy’s own experiences living in Japan, this has been achieved through great photography and honest point of view.

2. Japanese Rule Of 7

Japanese Rule Of 7This exciting blog is owned by Ken Seeroi. He hopes to give readers insight about the people of Japan, including its culture and language. The author admits that it’s not simple to represent an entire country in just a few words, and he doesn’t act like everything is so easy. Since Japan is a big country and he can’t be everywhere at the same time, Seeroi hopes to depict it only from his own perspective.

There are many exciting adventures to participate in such as hiking, or even visiting the Japanese Ghost Apartment-an unoccupied space found in the downtown 3-story building.

3. Japan Australia

Japan AustraliaJapan Australia is a fun blog dedicated to the adventure lovers, especially those that are into Japan travel and native practices. The site covers the author’s experiences in the country as he tries out different activities living as an expat. Moreover, he mentions Kyoto Journal as one of the exciting quarterly publications that visitors can use to get the latest feed about Japan.

The award-winning magazine highlights life, culture, and society of the Japanese people, as well as other communities living in the Asia region. It showcases their way of life from a wide range of perspectives that readers will find interesting.

4. What Japan Thinks

What Japan ThinksWhat Japan Thinks is the go-to-blog if you want to get the latest news about the small Asian country. It has everything from research facts and figures to surveys, opinion polls and even fashion favorites such as the kimono and keitai. For those visiting the region, the author says that it’s absolutely safe and fun to come with kids since there are interesting local TV stations that provide entertainment to both children and adults alike.

Some of the programs you can watch on television include, Grave of the Fireflies and Kiki’s Delivery Service among others. Japan is also slowly catching up with the social media frenzy and portals such as Facebook offer a great platform to make new friends in the country.

5. Travelin’ Boots

Travelin' BootsTravelin’ Boots is a blog for those who love exploring the outdoors, it lists some of the favorite spots to visit in Japan for a weekend out with friends or family. On the site, the authors encourage readers to follow along their ‘military life’ and Japan adventures which are quite many. The site covers thrilling activities in far-flung regions within the country, from the coast to rural countryside and everything in-between.

Traveling is described as a novelty that changes perspectives about life in general, and the blog captures it all. It explores the joys of touring Japan and the sense of fulfillment it brings to travelers.

6. Hino Maple

Hino MapleHino Maple is described by the owner as a Japan Survival Guide. The author’s intention is to give readers tips on how to plan their trip to the region, including arranging for a personal concierge that can help show you around the country upon arrival. Hino Maple hopes to remove the stress of planning a visit to Japan, by making it as efficient as can be.

The blog was created as a tool to help tourists get around easily, and also avoid the common mistakes that people usually make when traveling abroad. They also have arrangements for those who may want to be picked from the airport upon landing in Japan.

7. The Wadas On Duty

The Wadas On DutyThis blog provides insightful tips for residing and traveling in Japan. It’s owned by Mr. and Mrs. Wada, a couple hoping to share experiences from their daily escapades in the country. They hope readers will learn from their posts and know the best places to visit for some fun and relaxation.

Though the two currently stay in Okayama, Japan, they usually explore different parts of the country during their free time. On the blog, they say it would be great to connect with other people who share the same interests as them, as well as those who want to know more about Japan’s culture and traditions.

8. Adventures Of Salty

Adventures Of SaltyAs the name suggests, this site is owned by Salty Sally. She’s a young lady from South of France presently living in Tokyo. Sally is a civil engineer by profession but turned backpacker due to her love for exploring new places. She originally started Adventures of Salty Sally as a way to document her life and share it with others who follow her online. However, after coming to Japan and exploring the beautiful country, she has dedicated it to exploring the Japanese lifestyle.

Including the food and what locals usually do during their free time. The author finds it amusing that though her home state in France has eternal summer, Japan has changing seasons that people really love.

9. Big Sushi Little Fishes

Big Sushi Little FishesThe blog discusses news and views through photos and words on daily life, architecture, art, adventure, travel, books and current happenings in Tokyo. The writer also gives tips on the ups and downs of living in Tokyo from the eyes of an expat. Having spent close to 20 years in the country, he describes the country as vibrant and full of people.

In Tokyo, the author mentions that life revolves mostly around trains, bars and convenience stores. As for the countryside, it’s described as a place brimming with millions of Japanese cedar trees that make it look enchanting and spectacular. This goes to show how Japan has such a diverse landscape.

10. Japan It Up

Japan it UPIf you are looking for a blog that will give you adventure then Japan It Up is the place to go. The site is owned by an American expat, Steve, who’s currently residing in the country. He gives his own unbiased opinion about walking the earth, and also taking strange foods that are only unique to this vibrant Asian nation.

Steve comes from Midwest USA but his consulting business allows him free time to travel the world, that’s how he managed to come to Japan and settle in a small town called Fukuoka in South Kyushu Island. Japan It Up will update you with weird and crazy things about the country.

11. Surviving In Japan

Surviving In JapanThis is a resourceful expat blog that discusses life in Japan from the perspective of Ashley, a former expat in the country and a native of Pacific Northwest USA. Her goal is to give visitors factual tips on how to survive in the country when moving in for the first time.

Those who visit the site will find information on how to do a successful bank transfer, read food labels and request for a re-delivery among other things. The information is simplified into straightforward easy-to-do guide that readers will understand quite well. Moreover, Ashley accepts any comments or experiences you may want to share on the site.

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