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For many, New Zealand is a destination that tops the bucket list but very few ever end up visiting it. Other simply move there and become a Kiwi.

No matter what your intention is, to visit or to move there, the blogs listed bellow will help you to better understand and navigate the country, the top things to do and a lot of other great tips.

1. Albom Adventures

Albom AdventuresAlbom Adventures is a photography blog that captures the essence of travelling through NZ from the eyes of the author. The site’s owner is Rhonda Albom, a US expat living in the country. She is also the main author and photographer.

Through her posts, Rhonda hopes to inspire baby boomers to visit NZ and the world at large. For those coming in for the first time, she recommends taking a trip to the Auckland Food Show which is an annual cultural event of food, pomp and colour. Another fun activity is the Maori New Year celebration which is held every year by the native people.

2. Stoked For Saturday

Stoked For SaturdayThis exciting adventure blog is the brainchild of Jordan and Jenna, a Canadian couple living in New Zealand as expats. They describe themselves as adventurous people who maintain an active lifestyle and love sharing their experiences with others.

Their journey began back in Sept 2013 when the two quit their daytime jobs, sold the home they were living in as well as their car and belongings in Canada. Jordan and Jenna then moved to NZ in search of a new experience, while still pursuing their respective careers.

After spending more than 2yrs in Wellington, they describe the country as a great place to enjoy outdoor activities such as mountaineering and surfing. It has beautiful, diverse geographical features which are only a short drive away.

3. Going NZ

Going NZGoing NZ is owned by Dawn, a young lady brought up in Cornwall, UK but currently residing in New Zealand. Her husband, Isaac, also contributes to the blog occasionally.

Dawn describes herself as an explorer at heart, having worked in the travel industry for the past 10 years helping other people achieve their travel dreams. The site is all about living, working and exploring NZ for tourists and potential expats. She finds New Zealand quite similar to the UK but still different in various ways. For those moving in for the first time, Dawn says that part of living the NZ dream is making the most of available opportunities and making new friends as well.


POMS AWAYFor the author of POMS AWAY!, writing has been a strong passion for many years. Abigail Simpson was born in the UK in 1991 but her family moved to New Zealand when she was only 10yrs old.

Though she was a little bit anxious when moving to NZ for the first time, Abigail soon discovered that the culture of New Zealand is quite similar to that of England albeit with a few interesting differences.

New Zealand has a diverse landscape with vast farmlands and exotic geographical attractions such as volcanic mountains. Some of the most popular ones including Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe, The local people are also very warm and welcoming.

5. Lost In Silver Fern

Lost in Silver FernThis site is owned by Josie, a 29yr old lady from Yorkshire, UK currently living in the city of Wellington in New Zealand. The blog talks about her experiences in the city, including travel tips, expat advice, nature and everything that comes with living in a foreign country.

After moving to Wellington in July 2016 from London, Josie has steadily but surely learnt to love New Zealand. The wild nature, fresh air, nice people and vibrant colors of the peaceful city are some of the things she likes most about the country. She describes her site as an honest, no frills expat and travel blog full of useful information for those moving/travelling to NZ, particularly the city of Wellington.

6. Practically Perfect

Practically PerfectPractically Perfect was started by Jenny, a 32yr old Midwestern Girl who moved to New Zealand a few years ago together with her family. The author says that she loves sharing her thoughts and experiences with other American nurses living in NZ, and also getting their feedback.

She started the blog in 2006 as a platform to keep in touch with her large family, but it later evolved to become a place for meeting new people, expressing personal thoughts and chronicling memories. In fact, Jenny admits that some of her closest friendships began with just a single comment on her postings. For those coming in to New Zealand, she advises to be patient, give yourself some time to adapt and make copies of important documents for reference purposes.

7. Catching The Magic

Catching The MagicCatching The Magic is all about the ramblings, photographs and experiences of a UK expat Mum currently living in Wellington, NZ together with her husband-a city she describes as the world’s coffee capital. She started the blog as a way to maintain sanity while raising her 3 daughters in New Zealand, the land of fine wine, sheep and kiwi fruit.

The author first arrived in the country in 1996 as a fresh graduate from the UK seeking employment and an opportunity to earn a living overseas, her husband arrived one year later. Apart from sharing honest thoughts with readers, over the years Catching The Magic has also become a valuable resource for keeping the family’s adventures’ alive.

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