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Interested in moving to Poland but don’t know much about the country and culture? No worries. This exactly why we compiled this list of expat blogs so your transition will be easier.

This blog owners have shared all the best tips for an easy relocation to Poland and you can learn a lot from their experiences and failures. So, be sure to check them out.

1. Polonization

PolonizationStarted by Leah, a US native residing in Poland, Polonization is an expat blog that follows the author’s journey as she seeks to teach, explore and make sense about life in her new country. Leah moved to Gliwice, Poland in 2010 and describes the place as region where the sun is up almost half of the year.

She hopes the site will help readers explore and experience Poland, with main emphasis on its culture and people. Leah describes Poland as a beautiful and fascinating place to reside in, filled with attractive places to visit and welcoming people. The author is an English teacher by profession but during her free time she loves hiking, learning Polish and visiting the local restaurants/cafes.

2. Wroclaw Uncut

Wroclaw UncutWroclaw Uncut is a witty and insightful travel blog that gives people tips on the latest happenings in Wroclaw city, Poland. The site was founded by Gregor Gowans in 2012 and he also serves as its chief editor, it discusses a variety of topics ranging from politics, nightlife and food & drink to local news. The writer also makes regular appearances on the Sunday lunch program of Radio Ram.

Most of the posts on Wroclaw Uncut talk about useful expat tips & practical guides, fresh local news in English, exclusive artist interviews, upcoming events and much more. For those who want to sample the best of Polish food, the blog recommends Od Koochni which is found near Nadzorze region.

3. Expats Poland

Expats PolandExpats Poland is owned by Phil Forbes, an Australian native currently living in Poland. The journey of becoming a blogger started when Leah of blog offered Phil a job to teach English lessons through Skype, this presented an opportunity for Phil to apply for a temporary residence permit in the country and later coming over to settle.

Phil hopes to use the blog to share personal stories with other expats residing in Poland, he also uses it as a platform for helping other foreigners who want to come to Poland, as well as educating readers about the diverse Polish culture. He says many people he comes across are perplexed on finding out he’s an Australian in Poland, but that’s what motivates and keeps him going.

4. Just Ask Poland

Just Ask PolandThe blog was started by Maciek Stopa, a Polish citizen living in Krakow city. The author says he spends most of his time in Polish offices, and that’s where he gets the experiences needed to script new articles.

Just Ask Poland was started in November 2016, it became a place where readers could ask Maciek questions and he would publish in-depth articles touching on the most regular or interesting topics raised. However, soon the questions became too complex for him to answer alone and he ended up partnering with Krzysztof Furtan, a lawyer by profession, and his team of experts. Together they have created an international mobility outsourcing and consultation center that’s dedicated to those living in foreign counties and their employers.

5. Twisted Red Lady Bug

Twisted Red Lady BugAs the name suggests, this blog is owned by an expat who’s an avid lover of ladybugs- the red ones in particular since the orange ones tend to bite. The owner is a Romanian native who lives in Poland, her real name is Anda Alexadra Rosiek or simply Buburuza which is Romanian for LadyBug. She lives in the country with her husband who’s a native Polish.

Apart from collecting LadyBugs during her free time and sticking them around the house, Buburuza also likes exploring Polish cities and taking long walks. In the blog, she describes her expeditions touring various parts of Poland and the things that she likes most about each region she visits.

6. Kielbasa Stories

Kielbasa StoriesKeilbasa Stories is owned by Olivia, a Texan who migrated to Poland together with her family consisting of Martin the husband and five children. Though they have gone through many ups and downs following their arrival in 2012, the family has steadily made Poland their new home.

The blog talks about their adventures in the country, and also provides readers with practical tips on how to settle into the country. Some of the topics covered include; how to get Polish passports, language issues and preparing your children for expat life among other matters.Olivia is an English instructor by profession, and also says that she doesn’t mind keeping quiet when locals are talking Polish language which she can’t understand.

7. My Warsaw Dream

My Warsaw DreamFounded by Twente Warszawa from the Netherlands, My Warsaw Dream focuses on interesting things the writer finds in Poland, including nice places which he shares with the readers. One of his favorite attractions is the street art which can be found in almost every corner of Warsaw.

Among the best murals is ‘The scream’ which is inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting with the same name, there’s also the Fabryka Norblina (Norblin Factory) wall with bullet-holes from World War II that have symbolically been patched up with band aids.

Additionally, visitors are allowed to hire a bike from the Veturilo company to tour the city at their own leisure, plus you can even rent a bike online through your smartphone.

8. Warsaw Guide

Warsaw GuideWarsaw Guide is an online travel blog that discusses the diverse and historically rich heritage of Poland’s capital city, it gives readers tips on what atmosphere to expect when visiting Warsaw for the first time. The blog mentions Warsaw as a large city with lots of interesting activities constantly happening, though it’s most famous for its events and festivals on music, film and fashion. The city also occasionally hosts sports events and mega music concerts by international stars.

For those interested in outdoor activities, the city’s attractions are most enjoyable during the height of summer season. Some of the great places to visit include Vistula River, Wilanow palace and the Lazienki Royal Park.

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