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PortugalistPortugalist is a leading travel blog for tourists visiting Portugal, it gives readers tips on the best places to go to when in Lisbon, the Algarve and Porto, including other parts of the country as well.

The site’s authors claim that their goal is not just exploration, but also blogging about every nook and cranny of Portugal, right from Castelo Branco in the eastern part of the country to Azores Islands in the West. Portugalist describes Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, as one of the prettiest capitals in the globe. Its beautiful cobbled streets, antique trams and panoramic views across the Tagus will leave you enchanted.

Gail at Large

Gail at LargeGail at Large blog is owned by a Canadian expat, Gail Aguiar, currently living in Portugal. She moved to the northern district of Porto in late 2013. Gail has been an avid blogger since 2002 and says that she’s been writing daily since that time up to date, the author has also been practicing freelance photography since 2008.

After travelling around 3 continents in more than 15yrs, Portugal is now her permanent residence and favourite topic for the blog. The site has around 6,000 blogposts and 1,000s of images to watch as well. It offers readers an unpredictable blend of comedy, adventure, tragedy and everything in-between.

No Particular Place To Go

No Particular Place To GoThis exciting blog is the brainchild of Richard Nash and Anita Oliver, two retired US expats who’ve been discovering new horizons around the world since 2012 and currently residing in Portugal.

The authors spent more than 3yrs as full-time nomads, visiting different countries around the world before finally settling for Portugal.In the blog, they say that travelling has been a top priority in their lives with no plans to stop anytime soon. The more Anita and Richard travel the longer their bucket list of things-to-do becomes. This blog talks about their settling-in experiences in Portugal, how to avoid certain common mistakes and discovering how things are done in the country.

Me N You In Portugal

Me N You In PortugalMe N You In Portugal blog is owned by Margaret, she’s been in love with the country since first coming in as a student to study language in Coimbra University many years ago. Upon graduation, Margaret got her first job at the same university in Lisbon working as an English assistant. She also met her husband in Lisbon where he was employed at the British Council.

This blog talks about various aspects of Portugal including its people, arts & crafts and customs. It talks about what Margaret loves about the country after living there for several years. Readers may use it as a travelogue, or even an insight into the dynamic Portuguese culture.

Julie Dawn Fox In Portugal

Julie Dawn Fox In PortugalThis site is owned by Julie, a British expat who’s been residing in central Portugal since 2007. It gives insider tips and resources for culinary travellers, most of which have helped 1000s of visitors create unique itineraries for themselves. Through her blog, Julie will not only help you find tasty Portuguese food and wine, but also other things such as traditional villages, historical towns and stunning landscapes.

For those visiting Portugal for their holidays, Julie recommends Algarve as one of the best beach destinations to tour. The place is very clean plus there are various beach activities that you can try out such as sand castle-building, volleyball and surfing among many others.

Becky In Portugal

Becky In PortugalBecky first discovered the beauty of Portugal in 2004 when visiting Madeira together with her husband, they were enticed by the region’s amazing food and culture. After several more Madeirian holidays, the couple decided in 2013 that it was high time they discovered mainland Portugal.

To date, most of their Portuguese travels have been during winter season, with their primary base being south-Olhao in Algarve. The place has wonderful restaurants, excellent bird watching sites and the best fish market in the area. Olhao is also a great vantage spot for exploring the rest of southern Alentejo, not to mention that the airport is only 20-minutes drive away.

Piglet In Portugal

Piglet In PortugalThe author of Piglet in Portugal describes herself as a creative spirit in Portugal, she chose the name Piglet for her site since she simply adores pigs. Her personal motto is ‘surfing through life one wave at a time.’

Through the site, she hopes to share situations, things or activities that make her laugh or shed a tear, ranging from the peculiar to downright ridiculous along with challenges that visitors may face due to cultural or language barriers. Her hobbies include; cooking, photography, painting, growing vegetables, recycling used things at home and exploring Portugal.

For those interested in outdoor activities, Piglet In Portugal recommends 100s of amazing trails across the country, including mountain paths for hikers and coastal tracks.

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