Best Property Investment Blogs In 2022

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The internet has open the gates to information, and we get bombarded with numerous new articles on social media, in our email inboxes (subscribed or simply spam), and pretty much everywhere we look, on a daily basis.

This has led us to have to work harder to find the best articles from the multitude of average or sub-par content. To help our readers and those interested in property investing, we decided to dig in and search for the best of the best that 2018’s Blogosphere has to offer.

This list is obviously subjective, but we also tried to work with a few stats when we sort them.

The Subjective side of things – we tried to feature some of the best-known sites in this niche, some that are known by many in this business, and also a few blogs that still have a lot of growing to do and are relatively unknown. This last category has a few blogs that we feel have good content, tips and/or insights.

The Stats criteria refer to data collected from:

  • – How much traffic they have
  • Social media – How many followers they have on Twitter and Facebook
  • Publishing schedule – If they write content on a regular basis if they haven’t updated the blog in a long time and so on.

Top 20 Property Investment Blogs for 2022

biggerpockets logoThe BiggerPockets Blog is the biggest resource of information about real estate, investing and personal finance on the web and thus why it’s our #1 choice.

Besides the usually written information, they also have a 65,000 listens per show podcast available for those that like to listen to the market news and insights.

Besides all the opportunities that the site offers (the platform, the forums, the blog and the mobile apps), what we like the most, and have rarely seen in this niche, is the regularly updated Youtube account.

They are posting 2-3 videos per week, and you can also check out the podcast in a video format if you want to actually see their guests. I like visuals more than just audio, so for me, this is a big thumbs up.

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FortuneBuilders logoThe mission of this blog is summed up by the three words featured in their logo – Inspire. Educate. Lead.

Inspire – To help and motivate others to pursue their dreams and change their lives for the better.

Educate – To commit to personal growth that will, at a later stage, improve their business.

Lead – To take action and follow through all the obstacles.

The blog is updated daily with articles tackling subjects like Real Estate, Investing, Finance and Business. People seem to really dig what they are saying and posting, as we can see from the almost 30,000 followers on their Twitter account.

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affordanything logoPaula’s journey is one of those stories that you end up dreaming about having: a boring 9-to-5 job that turns into travelling around the world and working remotely. You can read the entire story on her About page, where she talks about how she started a real estate business and enjoys the “easy money” that her investments yield every month.

The best content on her blog, in our opinion, is her Real Estate Investment Report posts, and by the multitude of comments on these pages, others share the same opinion.

In these posts, she offers a break down on her monthly income and expenses, alongside many tips for those that will want to follow her business model.

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retipster logoAfter nearly a decade in the commercial banking industry, Seth Williams decided to pull the plug and become a self-employed man starting on February 1, 2016. This great to see, especially if you are a long time reader of his blog because you’ll have the feeling that you are following someone who really knows his stuff.

Someone who has turned a part-time business in something full time that can guarantee an income big enough to keep him happy.

One page, in particular, to look for, especially if you are a beginner, is the Resources page where Seth has listed sites and services that he personally used to help him grow the blog and business.

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REIClub logoREIClub is a website full of resources, very tightly organized by categories, a feeling that will strike you at the first sight of the homepage. It’s like a dossier full of all the resources needed for any person interested in Real Estate Investing.

Besides the video section, forum, laws or success stories, the blog is the best part of the website. Why? Because it is updated with articles from the community, and the many contributors that share tips and knowledge from their personal interactions with this business.

This can be a great thing when you think about it because you get to learn from a vast array of people working in different locations, investing in different properties or businesses and telling the stories from their own perspective.

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Realestateinvestar logoRealEstateInvestar is a provider of online property investing tools that targets Australia and New Zealand.

It can help investors by letting them create capital growth forecasts, maintain real-time portfolio tracking, and eliminate paper and data entry work to make it simple for your accountant and for tax and cash flow forecasting.

The blog focuses on providing tips for investors about how to manage and grow their portfolio, tips on how to spot properties that can lead to big returns in the near future, and mistakes that they should avoid.

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Dean Graziosi logoDean Graziosi is mostly known for his TV infomercials where he sells his real estate investing books and events.

The site mostly features his videos from the Weekly Wisdom series but also contains deals that he closed recently, alongside any tips and insights that came with those experiences.

Besides the main website, there a two more sources of great info: the Forum and the Blogs section. Here you will get to know how other investors are doing, what kind of properties are bringing in big profits, and most importantly, what bad deals to stay away from.

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realestateinyourtwenties logoBrandon shows us in his blog that real estate investing is not only for big companies or very experienced investors, but that it can be done also by young people, in their twenties – pun intended.

He is the VP of Growth for BiggerPockets (our #1 listed blog in this list), and also a Co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. So, all in all, a well-versed guy in the real estate investing market.

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CT Homes logoThe CT Homes blog is arguably the most consistently update the blog on our list. This means that every weekday you will have a new article to read – everybody has to enjoy their weekend off, right? J

And even though the main website is a platform for investors and people wanting to sell properties in the San Diego area, the information posted in the blog section is generic and can be adopted by anyone from anywhere.

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MemphisInvest logoShifting our focus a little more to the right of the US map, we encounter the guys from Memphis Invest who have grown from a small family owned real estate investment company, to one that serves clients from 45 states in 11 countries. At the moment they have three local offices located in Memphis, Dallas and Houston.

The blog features articles about real estate investing in general, but the most insightful posts are those that focus on the areas that they have the most knowledge in like the cities where their offices are. Insights, tips and news.

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cleverinvestor logoThe first thing that caught our attention on the site was the “Proof” page on the main navigation bar, so we took a look. Inside we saw a bunch of video testimonials and picture with happy sellers.

That made us curious and searched a bit more about him and everything seems to check out. This guy seems to be the real deal.

Cody is proud that he still practices what he preaches and likes to be an active real estate investor who hunts for great deals and find those win-win situations: happy sellers and happy buyers, with a small profit for the person in the middle.

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JasonHartman logoWhen we speak about the real estate industry, Jason is a fantastic example of hard work and persistence. He embarked on his career in real estate quite early.

When only 19, he was brokering properties for clients, then he landed a place among the top one-per cent of Realtors in the U.S.; won important awards in the industry and became a young multi-millionaire.

Jason is now the CEO of the Platinum Properties Investment Network and is blogging to provide real estate education and valuable information, including advice related to markets, ROI, cash flow, opportunities and much more.

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JoeCrump logoWorking in real estate investments since 1986, Joe has experienced many ups and downs in the market.

So, behind the system he created for real estate investments is a lot of trial and error, but also a creative way of financing that he adopted, and he is sharing this knowledge on his blog.

Joe found a way to have more freedom and control of his life through real estate investing, and he is trying to help others achieve the same.

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theinvestorinsights logoVoted as #1 real estate investing blog for two times in a row by the, in the “Single-Author” category, The Investor Insights provides excellent information for real estate investments.

An investor since 1994, Susan Lassiter-Lyons founded this blog in 2006 to share insights about her creative investing activities.

Owned and operated by real investors, who have closed more than 600 transactions in the last few years, this is more than just a blog, it really serves a coaching platform for those interested in the real estate investments business.

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RealEstateGuysRadio logoThis is a real estate investing radio show broadcasting since 1997 which engages in various real estate topics, from investing education to expert insights and tips.

The radio talk is around a Q&A format where the guest, most of the times, provide stories alongside their answers, which really makes the content more easy to digest or help to better correlate the information.

The blog’s content is pretty much resumed to posting the transcripts of these episodes. This is especially great if you listen to an interview but didn’t understand a certain point of the conversation – you can simply check the blog and search exactly the part that you are interested in.

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Hipster Investments logoThis is a blog that seems to bring a lot of energy to its readers, as there are many positive comments and good content reviews left by the blog’s visitors.

The Hipster Investments blog provides real estate education, and information about the industry and even helps investors to connect with reputable companies.

An interesting particularity of this blog is their “Latest Deal – What’s available on Wednesday?” section, where they post weekly deal proposals.

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reiwealthmag logoA digital magazine with a team of experts and extensive media, marketing, and real estate history, REI Wealth Monthly has a blog that provides up-to-date real estate investing content.

Whether you need news, tips, or articles covering topics like strategies in the industry, you can rest assured that you will find them here.

The blog is wonderful for both those who just started out in the real estate industry and seasoned investors.

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kcinvestmentproperty logoChris Lengquist has been blogging about Kansas City real estate investing since 2006, and he has been a professional Real Estate agent for several years, who works more in an advisory and consultation area of expertise than as a salesperson.

So, the blog has a focus on the Kansas City market and will offer you real experiences or even guidance through any confusion related to these kinds of experiences.

Chris provides solid answers to the questions that come up for real estate investors.

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The Boston Investor logoWhen it comes to flipping houses, Justin Silverio has a lot of tips to share with those that are still new to the real estate business.

Out of Boston, he is a natural fit for the real estate industry. That’s because, first of all, he was “born with it”, we could say, as he comes from a family with decades of experience in construction and real estate and, second of all because he has also a personal work experience background of over 10 years in the industry.

On his blog he shares bits of advice about how should you get started in this industry, a lot of tips related to wholesaling and related to how should you work with partners and he’s also sharing up-to-date records of his real estate investment activities.

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investingnownetwork logoThis is the blog of Jim Ingersoll, a successful real estate investor who shares some great practical posts about real estate investments strategies and tips, giving solid guidance based on his vast experience of wholesales, flips, and rents.

He also leads webinars on these topics, so you will have the chance to interact on his blog with videos of this kind.

Jim shows us that you can do investments without using a bank or your own money. That’s something quite “disruptive” in this type of business.

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Congratulations to all the blog owners that have their work featured in this list. Also, if you know other blogs that should have a place alongside the ones we featured, please tell us in the comment section and we will consider adding them to the list.

If you know some other blogs that can bring value to this list, please let us know in the comment section and we will consider updating the list. We are specifically interested in the topic of real estate in Israel.

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