Canadian Transit Numbers

In the table bellow, we have listed all the transit numbers for all the Canadian banks. If you don’t know that a Canadian transit number is, be sure to read more in depth here.

Because we have over 9000 entries in the table, we are only showing 25 rows at a time. You can simply start typing in the Search bar the name of the bank, city, branch name or the postal code, and you will find the info that you need.

wdt_IDBankRouting NumberTransit NumberCityPostal CodeBranch
1Amex3030001200012-303MarkhamL3R 4H8101 McNabb Street
2Amex3030002200022-303MarkhamL3R 4H8101 McNabb Street
3Amex3030003200032-303MarkhamL3R 4H8101 McNabb Street
4Bank of America2410131201312-241TorontoM5V 3L2Main Branch
5Bank of America2415679256792-241TorontoM5V 3L2Main Branch
6Bank of Canada1770000000000-177OttawaK1A 0G9Banking Services
7Bank of Canada1770000600006-177OttawaK1A 0G9Banking Services
8Bank of China3080010900109-308CalgaryT2P 1C4Calgary Branch
9Bank of China3080005000050-308RichmondV6X 1A6Richmond Branch
10Bank of China3080011000110-308RichmondV6X 1A6Burnaby Branch