Expat Blogs Awards

expat blogs awards

The awards given by InternationalMoneyTransfers.org are our way of helping people to find the best expat blogs for a certain country and give credit to the blog owners for the hard work and dedication they put into their websites.

Our badges are, in a way, a seal of trust for the visitors and, because we collect so many blogs for each country, we have to sort them and keep only the best blogs, la crème de la crème.

And for that we take a few factors into consideration:

  • Traffic – A blog with a lot of traffic means that the blog is popular and appreciated by many.
  • Updates – Is the blog updated frequently or is it left for dead? Do you only publish a post every few months or you have a dedicated weekly schedule?
  • Social media – Do people follow you on social media? Do you keep your followers active?
  • Community engagement – Do you engage with your readers in the comment section? Or do your posts go without any visible feedback?

Award classification

For our main award badge, we choose the top 10 best expat blogs for any given country. But most of the time we couldn’t just recommend 10 blogs because there is more to be taken into consideration. And that’s why we always feature a Silver Star Section for each page.

In this section, we quickly go through a list of 10 blogs that are not really at the top but provide certain perks like beautiful photos, funny or satirical writing or anything that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Below we have listed all the countries we have covered until now. If your desired country is not on this table, be sure to come back later because we are continuously updating it.

Australia flag
Best Australia Expat Blogs
Australia Award
Canada flag
Best Canada Expat Blogs
Canada Award
France flag
Best France Expat Blogs
France Award
Spain flag
Best Spain Expat Blogs
Spain Award
South Africa flag
Best South Africa Expat Blogs
South Africa Award
Singapore flag
Best Singapore Expat Blogs
Singapore Award
Hong Kong flag
Best Hong Kong Expat Blogs
Hong Kong Award
UAE flag
Best UAE Expat Blogs
UAE Award
Germany flag
Best Germany Expat Blogs
Germany Award
Japan flag
Best Japan Expat Blogs
Japan Award
New Zealand flag
Best New Zealand Expat Blogs
New Zealand Award
Poland flag
Best Poland Expat Blogs
Poland Award

Why did we create this section?

Our aim at InternationalMoneyTransfers.org is to provide useful information for our audience. One of our main audience segments are expats (who need to transfer high and frequent volumes for emigration, property purchase, pension transfer, mortgage transfer, repatriation etc.). For them, we have created our Emigration tips guide, and we provide a lot of country-specific indications in our international money sending guides. Read our most popular sections relating to emigration are USA money transfer, Australia money transfer, France money transfer, Spain money transfer and New Zealand money transfer guides.

Most popular emigration destinations from the UK

Look at this Government report from 2012 to learn more about the popular destinations for emigration from the UK.