Global Reach Money Transfer Review

  • Company name: Global Reach Group LimitedGlobal Reach logo
  • Service description: Bank to bank international money transfers via online platform or phone.
  • Website address:
  • Website Languages: English only.
  • Review Summary: Global Reach is a serious service oriented company with a great, informative, website, strong financial foundation (they recently merged with FX Exchange) and the BEST RATES FOR LARGE TRANSFERS exclusively for our readers.
  • Is Global Reach legit? Definitely, yes. Global Reach Group is one of the most reputable money transfer services in the UK, with 25,000 clients, £5bn in transactions and a whopping 98% rating by clients!
  • Recommendation: Use Global Reach if you need a professional staff to assist you or looking for the best rates on your large money transfer.
  • Special offer? Yes, preferential rates for our readers. View rates below.

Rating:  – Top 3 Rated – Best Exchange Rates for Large Transfers

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Global Reach Fees

No fees at all on your transfer of any size if you are one of our readers. The only requirement is that the minimum transfer amount is £1,000, or equivalent in other currency.

Global Reach Rates for our Readers

These are Global Reach’s Current *estimated* exchange rates based on a commercial agreement with have with the company. It does not mean you will get these precise rates, especially since they move so quickly, but it should give you an idea of the exchange rates to expect, more or less. These are preferential exchange rates which are better than Global Reach’s default rates.

For Transfers of £100,000 or equivalent and up:

Currency Pair Real Interbank Rate Estimated Quote Global Reach
GBP  to EUR 1.1666 EUR 1.1619 EUR
EUR to GBP 0.8572 GBP 0.8538 GBP
GBP to USD 1.3877 USD 1.3821 USD
USD to GBP 0.7206 GBP 0.7177 GBP
USD to EUR 0.8407 EUR 0.8373 EUR
EUR to USD 1.1895 USD 1.8383 AUD
GBP to AUD 1.8457 AUD 0.5396 GBP
AUD to GBP 0.5418 GBP 1.0737 NZD
AUD to NZD 1.0780 NZD 1.0737 NZD
GBP to NZD 1.9898 NZD 1.9818 NZD
USD to NZD 1.4339 NZD 1.4281 NZD
NZD to AUD 0.9276 AUD 0.9239 AUD
NZD to GBP 0.5026 GBP 0.5006 GBP
NZD to USD 0.6974 USD 0.6946 USD
GBP to SGD 1.8653 SGD 1.8578 SGD
AUD to SGD 1.0106 SGD 1.0066 SGD
USD to SGD 1.3442 SGD 1.3388 SGD
SGD to GBP 0.5361 GBP 0.5340 GBP
SGD to AUD 0.9895 AUD 0.9855 AUD
SGD to USD 0.7439 USD 0.7410 USD

For Transfers of £50,000 to £100,000 or equivalent:

Currency Pair Real Interbank Rate Estimated Quote Global Reach
GBP  to EUR 1.1666 EUR 1.1608 EUR
EUR to GBP 0.8572 GBP 0.8529 GBP
GBP to USD 1.3877 USD 1.3807 USD
USD to GBP 0.7206 GBP 0.7170 GBP
USD to EUR 0.8407 EUR 0.8365 EUR
EUR to USD 1.1895 USD 1.8365 AUD
GBP to AUD 1.8457 AUD 0.5391 GBP
AUD to GBP 0.5418 GBP 1.0727 NZD
AUD to NZD 1.0780 NZD 1.0727 NZD
GBP to NZD 1.9898 NZD 1.9798 NZD
USD to NZD 1.4339 NZD 1.4267 NZD
NZD to AUD 0.9276 AUD 0.9230 AUD
NZD to GBP 0.5026 GBP 0.5001 GBP
NZD to USD 0.6974 USD 0.6939 USD
GBP to SGD 1.8653 SGD 1.8560 SGD
AUD to SGD 1.0106 SGD 1.0056 SGD
USD to SGD 1.3442 SGD 1.3375 SGD
SGD to GBP 0.5361 GBP 0.5334 GBP
SGD to AUD 0.9895 AUD 0.9846 AUD
SGD to USD 0.7439 USD 0.7402 USD

For Transfers of £10,000 to £50,000 or equivalent:

Currency Pair Real Interbank Rate Estimated Quote Global Reach
GBP  to EUR 1.1666 EUR 1.1579 EUR
EUR to GBP 0.8572 GBP 0.8508 GBP
GBP to USD 1.3877 USD 1.3773 USD
USD to GBP 0.7206 GBP 0.7152 GBP
USD to EUR 0.8407 EUR 0.8344 EUR
EUR to USD 1.1895 USD 1.8319 AUD
GBP to AUD 1.8457 AUD 0.5377 GBP
AUD to GBP 0.5418 GBP 1.0700 NZD
AUD to NZD 1.0780 NZD 1.0700 NZD
GBP to NZD 1.9898 NZD 1.9748 NZD
USD to NZD 1.4339 NZD 1.4231 NZD
NZD to AUD 0.9276 AUD 0.9207 AUD
NZD to GBP 0.5026 GBP 0.4988 GBP
NZD to USD 0.6974 USD 0.6922 USD
GBP to SGD 1.8653 SGD 1.8513 SGD
AUD to SGD 1.0106 SGD 1.0030 SGD
USD to SGD 1.3442 SGD 1.3341 SGD
SGD to GBP 0.5361 GBP 0.5321 GBP
SGD to AUD 0.9895 AUD 0.9821 AUD
SGD to USD 0.7439 USD 0.7384 USD

Analysis: Global Reach’s preferential rates are cheaper than the cheapest companies in the market for high-value transfers with the exception of World First and their guarantee for all UK-based clients to match and beat any competing quote from a competitor.

Their preferential rates are comparable to those provided by Currencies Direct or TorFX but a tad better for higher value transfers.

Currencies Offered by Global Reach

  •  British Pound
  •  Euro
  •  US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Bahamian Dollar
  • Bahraini Dinar
  • Botswana Pula
  • Bulgarian Lev
  • Canadian Dollar

and China Yuan Renminbi, Croatian Kuna, Czech Republic Koruna, Danish Kroner, Ghanaian Cedi, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Indian Rupee, Israel Shekel, Japanese Yen, Jordanian Dinar, Kenyan Shilling, Kuwaiti Dinar, Mauritius Rupee, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Omani Rial, Philippine Peso (Non Deliverable Forward), Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Saudi Riyal, Serbia Dinar, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, Tunisian Dinar, Turkish Lira, Uganda Shilling and United Arab Emirates Dirham. In total, the company deals in over 140 currencies.

As you can see from the huge list above, Global Reach caters to a big variety of clients and are ready to satisfy any of their needs. There are just a few companies that can handle such a big variety of currencies and this is a big plus for the company.


Global Reach has, beside it’s headquarters in London, multiple offices in UK, Cyprus and South Africa. This is the only way to ensure that a company like this can really offer access to their services to clients worldwide.

location pinUK

Global Reach Group
2nd Floor, Woolgate Exchange
25 Basinghall Street
London, EC2V 5HA


location pinGateway Business Centre
Wilson Way
Redruth, Cornwall
TR15 3RQ


location pinAfentico Anna Office 303, Cr.
Tapeleniou & Korytsas Street
Paphos 8010

South Africa

location pinThe Watershed
17 Dock Road
The V&A Waterfront
Cape Town – South Africa


Global Reach Group Limited (company number 09907831) is the holding company of Global Reach Partners Limited (company number 04344764), Global Reach Markets Limited (company number 07026070) and Foreign Currency Exchange Limited (company number 5452483). All companies are registered in England with their registered office at 2nd Floor, Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5HA.

Global Reach Partners Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payments Institution (FRN 504315). Global Reach Markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA as an investment firm (FRN 526549). Foreign Currency Exchange Limited is authorised by the FCA as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution (FRN 900205).

Registration Process:

Registering an account with Global Reach is very simple and easy. There are basically four steps and in this small tutorial we will show you how to complete it.

The first step requires you to add a bunch of your personal details like name, address, date of birth, phone number all that usual information.

Global Reach sign up step 1

Second step involves giving informationa about your transfer requirements like how much money do you need to transfer in a year, what type of currencies are involved and to which country you want to make the transfers to. This are details that they need in order to provide the customers with their best possible service.

Global Reach sign up step 2

The third step is where you have to enter a mix of information. Part requires your full address, part are about information usefull for the company.

Global Reach sign up step 3

In the last step, you are encouraged to review all the information you have submited, to be sure that they are corect. If everything seems ok, you can simply click the Submit button and you are done.

One more step is needed for clients that are not from the UK. Those customers need to send a photo ID and proof of address. Documents do not need to be certified and they can accept clear digital copies (although, they will need to be in colour). Here are the requirements:

  • Proof of address – Utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months.
  • Photo ID – Photo driving licence (front and back) or passport.

What Do Clients Say About Global Reach?

Global Reach is one of those very few companies this competitive and sometimes (sad to admit) ugly business which has received very few complaints online. The company’s reputation is absolutely sparkling, and it is even shinier even since they acquired FC Exchange! When you read one of several hundreds of reviews to be discovered about Global Reach online you come to a realisation that the vast majority of clients are not only happy with the service, they feel a degree of identity towards the firm. On TrustPilot 90% of the reviews are perfect, 8% are highly positive, and 1% average, with 0% bad or terrible. Our Global Reach review will display the same sentiment because their service is that good.

Final Words about Global Reach

This Global Reach review cannot be completed without describing what makes Global Reach better than all of its (let’s admit it) pretty similar competitors. A lot of companies are arguing to provide the best foreign exchange rates but in reality, it is virtually impossible to measure that. With all companies it works with the same shtick – the higher amount you’re transferring and the more you insist with your dealer -the lower the rate is. There is no denying about that, and it’s true it works at the exact same fashion with Global Reach Group.

But what made us recommend the firm on this Global Reach review is the fact the service provided is immaculate. There are no pushy selling techniques, no cheap tricks, and no tricky transactions. Global Reach Group believes that the way to the heart of the customer is not through his wallet but rather through his heart. They realise that once a client is satisfied with the service he is provided, he will just continue using them in the future.

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