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World First Vs HiFX

World First vs HiFX

Which company is better, HiFX or World First?

A lot of people are interested in comparing two of the largest money transfer companies in the world – HiFX and WorldFirst. Right off the bat, you can tell these are two serious contenders for the “Best International Payments” crown, but what separates World First from HiFX and vice versa? Which is safer? cheaper? has better reputations? more functions?

We will try to help you with this question by comparing World First and HiFX on the chart below.

World FirstWF red logo

Glamouring review. Rated 98 / 100.

Privately owned and operated since 2004.

HQ in London with offices in 3 continents. Especially in the UK, Australia and East Asia.

Combination of strong tech and high liquidity. Boast more than 75,000 active clients.

121 currencies offered, can accept clients from almost anywhere in the world.

Regulated by FCA and ASIC.

Special program for online merchants – collection accounts abroad

Transparent and cheap rates. View World First rates here.

Top to bottom registration online.

More local offices and closer to different type of customers.

Relatively high minimum transfer of £1,000 as a first timer, but you can transfer less after becoming a client

Not the most inviting website design

Accepts ONLY corporate clients

No FX options

Doesn’t accept US customers

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 Not reviewed by us, but has strong reputation.

Owned by public firm Euronet.

HQ in London with offices in Europe and Australia.

Combination of strong tech and high liquidity. One of the largest providers in the world.

60  currencies offered, can accept clients from Europe and Australia.

£9 per small transfer.

Regulated by FCA, FMA, FOC

Special program for online merchants – collection accounts abroad

No transparent rates. Sign up to get current rates offered.

Not as widespread or comprehensive as World First

Accepts US customers

Euronet, its owners, also owns XE.COM and RIA which have a lot of complaints online

Not as smooth sign up process

No promotions for our visitors

Sub-par mobile app

Doesn’t offer transparent rates before sign up

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Which One to Choose – World First or HiFX?

We don’t want to sound like a cliche but these two are definitely good choices. They are both at the very top of the money transfer food ladder, industry giants. If you chose to compare between these two companies specifically, you already know that.

With that being said, we have rated World First better than HiFX and we recommend it over HiFX ONLY if you are a corporate client, for the following reasons:

  • World First is slightly larger with 500 employees Vs. HiFX with 220 employees. Although both companies are completely trustworthy, World First strikes us as the safer one of the two.
  • World First handles more than twice the number of currencies HiFX deals with.
  • World First has a transparent exchange rate system in place with margins as low as 0.15%! In World First there are no fees from UK, EU, Australia and Asia and HiFX charges £9 per transfer.
  • World First has more worldwide offices, and thus, we believe, more local bank accounts (meaning more transfers don’t have to go via SWIFT but could be credited between branches).
  • We have a special offer with World First that enables our referrals to receive special World First exchange rates.


*As of Feb 2021, World First announced that they will stop working with private clients and focus ONLY on corporate clients. If you are an individual that wants to make money transfers to family and friends, we will have to recommend you using HiFX, or any of our Best rated money transfer companies we have reviewed so far.


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