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In this page we gathered all the resources for people to learn about the money transfer industry – past, present and the future.

  • Past: Because we talk the way high street banks had the grip on this sector for a very long time and made huge amounts of money by charging customers for sending and receiving money.
  • Present: The rise of FinTech has allowed the growth of Foreign Exchange (FX) companies and revolutionised this space to be able to do the same job as the banks, but at a fraction of their costs.
  • Future: The blockchain technology it’s still in its early infancy but everyone is certain that when will mature, it will allow us to enjoy better and more transparent services at unimaginable low costs.

But we also take care of the expats and soon to be expats by offering a cluster of pages dedicated to them. From tips and tricks, to financial advice to full blown immigration guides, we provide everything you need before making the big step of emigrating to a new country.