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Poland flag with borderGet used to pay less and get more when sending money internationally by reading our Poland Money Transfer Guide.

We will show you the best way to send money to or from Poland by taking advantage of the many benefits that the Foreign Exchange companies have to offer.

Best For Sending Large Amounts Abroad:

currencies-direct logo

No fees

No limit on the amount transferred

You will have a dedicated dealer

Preferential rates for high volumes

Website not available in Polish

Visit Curencies Direct For Quote
Best For Small Regular Money Transfers:

Small fees

Highly Positive Client Rating

P2P Marketplace

No discounts for high volumes

Website not available in Polish

Visit Currencyfair  –  Free Quote

Currencyfair is a good option for remittances but if you need a company to handle a larger amount of money, Currencies Direct is surely the best option. Depending on the volumes, you can negotiate discounts or preferential FX rates.

The Guide’s Topics:

Best Company To Send Money To Poland

Payment Facility



MoneyCorp logoMin. Transfer: £ / € 50.
Transfer: Online or by Phone.
Wire Fees: None.

Expected Rates*:
- GBP: 5.3648 PLN to 5.4110 PLN
- USD: 4.3742 PLN to 4.4119 PLN
- EUR: 4.6174 PLN to 4.6573 PLN
MoneyCorp Review
currencyfair logoMin. Transfer: £ / € 1.
Transfer: Online or using the App.
Wire Fees: € 3

Expected Rates*:
- GBP: 5.2804 PLN to 5.3991 PLN
- CAD: 4.5448 PLN to 4.6469 PLN
- USD: 4.3054 PLN to 4.4022 PLN
Currencyfair Review
Poland BankBig International Transfer Fee + Commission On Currency Exchange. Bad Currency Exchange Rate.

Exchange rate would be approximately *:
- GBP: 5.3348 PLN to 5.3893 PLN
- EUR: 4.5917 PLN to 4.6385 PLN
- USD: 4.3498 PLN to 4.3942 PLN
paypal logo2.9%+ Transfer Fees, and 2.5% more for Currency Exchanges. Quick But Very Bad Currency Exchange Rates.

Exchange rate would be approximately *:
- GBP: 5.3076 PLN or worse
- EUR: 4.5917 PLN or worse
- USD: 4.3498 PLN or worse

* Expected Rates reflect our rate expectations based on our research. We do not guarantee accuracy. For some companies we used a range of rates because they offer wholesale rates for large trades and higher rates for small trades.

How to send money to Poland

Currencies Direct is a well-known FX company in the Polish diaspora because of their no-fee money transfers and the fact that the Polish Zloty is one of their many supported currencies. Polish customers from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, or even Brazil are using them every time they want to send money back home.

MoneyCorp is a company that provides similar services, with a very good reputation in the market. The simple fact that they are in business for over 35 years should tell you that your money is in good hands. We also wanted to highlight the fact that their minimum transfer amount is only €50. For more info, or for a free quote, be sure to visit their website.

Best Company to Send Money from Poland

Service Provider



currencies-direct logoMin. Transfer: £ / € 100.
Transfer: Online or by Phone.
Why Them? Over 150,000 Active Clients. £4.5Bn Transferred Annually. 18 Worldwide Offices.
CurrenciesDirect Review

Supported Regions & Currencies

There are no restrictions provided for transferring money from Poland, except the usual limitations as per the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering (more details here). This means that a company that has been licensed to provide service to the Polish customers, can do so in any region of the country (not like the state-by-state limitation that the USA has).

Currencies: Because these companies have access to a big inventory of international currencies, you can send money all over the world, on any given day of the week. Even countries that are on the other side of the planet like Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong or Mexico, are easy to reach destinations for the companies we listed above.

The only exception is when you need to transfer money from Poland regularly, very low amounts. For this kind of needs, we suggest using CurrencyFair because they have low and fixed fees for each transfer. With our two recommended FX companies above, the benefits are bigger and bigger when the amount to be transferred get higher and higher.

Today’s Foreign Exchange Rates for PLN

GBP to PLN – Pounds to Polish Zloty; 10,000 GBP is 54,436.9000 PLN

PLN to GBP – Polish Zloty to Pounds; 10,000 PLN is 1,836.9892 GBP

EUR to PLN – Euro to Polish Zloty; 10,000 EUR is 46,853.6386 PLN

PLN to EUR – Polish Zloty to Euro; 10,000 PLN is 2,134.3060 EUR

AUD to PLN – Australian Dollar to Polish Zloty; 10,000 AUD is 30,831.2567 PLN

PLN to AUD – Polish Zloty to Australian Dollar; 10,000 PLN is 3,243.4617 AUD

PLN to USD – Polish Zloty to US Dollars; 10,000 PLN is 2,252.9755 USD

USD to PLN – US Dollars to Polish Zloty; 10,000 USD is 44,385.7475 PLN

PLN to CHF – Polish Zloty to Swiss Franc; 10,000 PLN is 2,161.0525 CHF

CHF to PLN – Swiss Francs to Polish Zloty; 10,000 CHF is 46,273.7481 PLN

CAD to PLN – Canadian Dollar to Polish Zloty; 10,000 CAD is 34,432.1596 PLN

PLN to CAD – Polish Zloty to Canadian Dollar; 10,000 PLN is 2,904.2616 CAD

Popular PLN Routes

Popular currency transfer routes for people visiting this page:

  1. Transfer money from UK to Poland (GBP to PLN)
  2. Transfer from EU to Poland (EUR to PLN)
  3. Transfer from Canada to Poland (CAD to PLN)
  4. Transfer money from USA to Poland (USD to PLN)

Why send money to Poland bank account

Even though the Polish Zloty is not a very powerful currency, it is very present in the worldwide currency exchanges as the Polish diaspora is ~20 million people distributed all around Europe, the Americas and Australia. Finding a cheap money transfer to Poland is very important for this huge number of people sending money back home.

Remittances: Poland has received almost $7 billion in remittances in 2013 which accounts for 1.3% of the country’s GDP according to The most Poles are in the American continent, in places like the United States (~10 million), Brazil (3 million) and Canada (1 million). There is also a considerable diaspora in Europe: in Germany (1.5 – 2 million), France (1 million) and the United Kingdom (< 1 million).

The only notable country in Asia included in the Polish diaspora is Israel with 1.25 million Poles. Israel became a destination for Polish Jews ever since the country’s foundation in 1948.

Thinking To Move To Poland?

If you consider moving to Poland and live there as an expat, you may find the following information helpful.

Advantages Of Moving To Poland:

  • Affordable Housing: Average one-bedroom apartment rent is 500 EUR per month.
  • Inexpensive Compared to Other European Countries: Poland overall is 20% less expensive for restaurants, supermarkets, and day-to-day expenses.
  • Poles Are Multilingual: Poles have a very high rate of English, which is a huge advantage to expats.

Disadvantages Of Moving To Poland:

  • Weak Economy with High Taxes: Poles have to pay one of the highest tax ratios per salary earned in the world.
  • Expensive Petrol: Averages of 1 EUR per litre of gas.
  • Complicated Security Systems: The Polish apartment on average has three different levels of security to enter.

Popular Destinations in Poland

Popular cities for business and real estate transactions in Poland are: Warsaw, ?ód?, Krakow, Wroc?aw, Pozna?, Gda?sk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin and Katowice.

How Money Transfers Work

The Foreign Exchange companies make their profit from the currency exchange. They buy currency in large quantities which entitles them to great prices. When a customer decides to make an international money transfer, it enables the FX company to exchange the currencies with a good margin for them and for the customer.

There are a number of benefits of using the services of an FX company rather than the conventional Bank services:

  • Small or No Fee: By default the fees charged by the FX companies are low but sometimes, if the transfer amount is large enough, they will waive the fee altogether
  • Safe Transfers: The money transfers are online and take place in a user recognized and approved a system that makes it safe and convenient. Plus, they are regulated by multiple security institutions.
  • Recurrent payments: If you are interested in buying a house overseas in Ireland or Spain for example, you can set up regular international payments without additional fees.

Details you need to send money to Poland:

  • Bank Name and Address
  • IBAN
  • Swift Code
  • Account Number
  • Receiver’s Complete Name
  • Your identity card

After you provide all the details listed above, the process is simple:

  • You create a free account with the company.
  • Receive a quote from one of the dealers – online or by the phone.
  • Send the money to your account so you can fund the transfer.
  • Get a confirmation from the company (usually the same dealer that gave you the quote) that the transaction is completed.

Our Company Recommendation:

Regulations and taxes when transferring money to and from Poland

Although Poland does not yet use the Euro, the Polish Zloty is a free-flowing currency. Therefore, transferring money in and out of Poland is not restricted for non-residents and residents alike.

Poland managed to avoid a recession in the 2008 crisis due to its continued use of the Zloty. However, as a member state of the Eurozone, Poland is required to adopt the Euro eventually. No target date has been set, and Poland is not expected to adopt the Euro until at least 2020.

Narodowy Bank Polski

Narodowy Bank Polski (the central bank of Poland) oversees payment systems to ensure the stability of their financial sector.

Transfer regulations

Transfers of any sum are allowed in and out of Poland. However, transfers exceeding EUR15,000 must be conducted through a domestically licensed bank account.

Hard currency exceeding EUR10,000 must be declared to Polish customs authorities before being taken out of the country.

Taxation on foreign income

Polish residents are taxed on any foreign income. Non-residents are taxed only on income originating in Poland. Double tax treaties are in place to avoid double-taxation.

Biggest banks in Poland

  •  Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
  •  Bank Millennium
  •  Bank Pekao
  •  Bank Zachodni WBK
  •  BRE Bank

The Polish community in the UK has a long tradition and has become one of the biggest minorities in the country. But even so, the banking fees for those that send money to Poland are still very high.

So why not go with a cheaper and quicker solution? Why not go with an FX company that will provide zero fee transfers, give you a better currency exchange rate and a small delivery time? Be smart and be frugal about your money!