Relocation with Children – The Best Practices for a Smooth Transition

A recent debate has surfaced amongst expats about how to best relocate with children. The answer is far from simple; however, more and more individuals are attempting to relocate abroad with their children for engaging professional opportunities than ever before.  What is incredible about these pioneer expat parents is that they are finding a way to raise their children abroad and provide their children with a sensational cultural upbringing that is difficult to match back in their home countries.

Consider the discussion below for the best practices to relocating abroad with your children and how to have the best possible transition:

The Importance of Establishing a Home Base

home for children

What is remarkable about children is that they can and will adapt to their new culture. The key to achieving this is to provide a home base in your new country that feels like home. This can be achieved by renting the properly sized home and placing décor from your home country that your children know. They have to keep their traditions alive so that they do not feel that they are so far away from home. It is absolutely incredible to see how children thrive when their parents make this extra effort.

Linguistic Barriers

If you are relocating to a country that has a big linguistic difference, it is important that you obtain lessons for your child immediately. This will not only make them feel more at home, but it will also provide them with the tools to make a healthy transition. That being said, it is also important to still speak your native language at home and allow your child to take courses in your native language. This way, your children will have a strong cultural foundation that will give them the confidence to rise to the occasion and master a new language. Lastly, if your child’s native language is not English, it is also important to have them learn English. This will make for an easier time making friends abroad because the common language between most is English. Children have the aptitude to pick up languages faster than adults, which is why it is important you give them the tools to do so when abroad.

Adjusting to School 

international school

School presents challenges that can be turned into opportunities. If you enrol your child into international school, they will be exposed to cultures from around the globe. This is why it is highly recommended to raise them to be culturally open-minded. By doing so, you are providing them with a major service in that they will be able to make friends easily at school and have a rewarding experience studying with faculty and students from all over the world.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion is so important when relocating to a new country. Be sure that you have time on your weekends or afternoons to take your children to local sights and cultural experiences. They will secretly appreciate your efforts immensely. These opportunities will also make them more successful applicants to university in the long term because they will have a world view that is greatly beyond their years.

In addition to local cultural immersion, you should be looking to which countries that you are close to with your international assignment. Each and every holiday you have, you should be taking your children to the countries nearby and exposing them to as much as you can. By providing your children with these sort of experiences, you will be able to help them make a healthy transition as well.

Sense of Community


When deciding where to reside in your new city, be sure to ask many individuals where the families are and which area has the best mix of expats and locals. Here, you will find local organizations where your children can participate in sports, community service, and the arts. This will make your children able to feel as if they are not missing out on anything by living in a foreign country. These activities will also make it possible for children to develop skills that could be lifelong hobbies.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

In the digital age that we live in, it is not difficult to see why families are considering raising their children abroad. If work opportunities arise, parents know that they can still keep in touch with their family members at home through video calls. What parents have to understand is that they have to put a great deal of effort into the relocation of their children at first once they move abroad. If they are able to ensure that their children have an adequate transition, they will quickly see that their children will thrive in their new country and find ways to culturally integrate themselves.

As a result, children will be able to become sensational adults with global viewpoints. Thus, when contemplating relocating abroad, consider how to give your children an effective transition. If you do so, you will quickly see that you can and will be able to successfully take them with you on your international employment assignment.