Wise (Formerly TransferWise) Exchange Rates

Wise.com prides itself in transparency, and unlike other currency provider, you can actually view which fees and rates you are going to receive prior to your transfer. In fact, Wise is so fair, that a person moving £1,000 will get the same rates as someone who sending a million! The markups they apply are not volume-dependent which is great news for those who are sending small regular transfers abroad. If you view World First Rates or TorFX rates, it will be structured completely different than Wise money transfer exchange rates and fees.

Wise (Formerly TransferWise) Exchange Rates

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Currency Pair Real Interbank Rate Estimated Quote Wise
GBP to EUR 1.1687 EUR  1.1629 EUR
EUR to GBP 0.8557 GBP  0.8537 GBP
GBP to AUD 1.8488 AUD  1.8396 AUD
AUD to GBP 0.5409 GBP  0.5392 GBP
GBP to USD 1.3901 USD  1.3831 USD
USD to GBP 0.7194 GBP  0.7175 GBP
AUD to NZD 1.0758 NZD 1.0724 NZD
GBP to NZD 1.9889 NZD 1.9789 NZD
USD to NZD 1.4308 NZD 1.4269 NZD
NZD to AUD 0.9296 AUD 0.9271 AUD
NZD to GBP 0.5028 GBP 0.5014 GBP
NZD to USD 0.6989 USD 0.6970 USD
GBP to SGD 1.8713 SGD 1.8620 SGD
AUD to SGD 1.0122 SGD  1.0090 SGD
USD to SGD 1.3462 SGD 1.3426 SGD
SGD to GBP 0.5344 GBP 0.5317 GBP
SGD to AUD 0.9880 AUD  0.9830 AUD
  • We do not guarantee the accuracy of these quotes. Exchange rate constantly fluctuate and by the the time you ask for a quote it may change.

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 Comparative View on Wise Rates/ Fees

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Essentially, we can say the following:

  • Wise is the cheapest company for low-value transfers bar none.
  • Their best routes are Pound-Euro. On the US Dollar they are not the cheapest, and Australian Dollar they are cheap but not as cheap.
  • On large transfers, especially with our preferential rates, they are beaten by World First and TorFX for all currency pairings.

Also, it is important to remember that you will secure the LIVE rate only if you book a transfer and check the part that says “secure rate”. Else, the rate can fluctuate until the funds are received to cover the transfer.