World First VS Wise (Formerly TransferWise)

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If you are contemplating whether to use World First money transfers or Wise money transfers, you have come to the right place. We have created multiple reviews and comparisons in the money transfer business and have vast knowledge in the field. World First vs Wise is not an easy question that you can give an absolute one-word-answer to, so please bear with us and read this comparative analysis carefully.

World First vs Wise (Formerly TransferWise) – Comparative View

Both World First and Wise are:

  • Reliable companies with big trading volumes which are considered large for the international money transfers industry.
  • Professional in what they do, with comprehensive online systems and good readily available support.
  • Liked by clients and have received great ratings on client review platforms.
  • Cheaper than banks with minimal fees and great exchange rates.
  • Authorised to move money abroad for clients across the globe by multiple jurisdictions.

The differences:

  1. *As of Feb 2021, World First has announced that they will continue working ONLY with corporate clients.
  2. has a transparent exchange rate system that enables you to see the current rate offered on its website (view Wise’s current exchange rates). World First has recently changed to the same model and offers the same or better exchange rates as you can see here – the current World First exchange rates. Both companies are notably cheap and transparent.
  3. Wise is essentially still a startup. An often discussed on media startup with extremely high valuations which has seen investments from some of the world’s best-known funds and angel investors, but it is still a startup that is just getting its recognition and success. World First is an established business with solid roots which has been very profitable for years and could potentially have more stability than Wise.
  4. World First has a dedicated currency expert that will walk you through the trade and share the company’s economic predictions on currency trends. He will also guide you on how to minimise potential precipitant fees, and walk you through hedging options like Forwarding Contracts. Wise doesn’t have that functionality, and doesn’t offer Forward Contracts at all – you will be limited to online actions on their online platform.
  5. A World First client who is looking to have a look will be happily invited to the World First offices, located in Westminster (or in 6 other locations in the world, depending on where that client is from). Wise does not offer such an option.
  6. World First boasts a new functionality for business clients to enable them to open collection accounts abroad.
  7. World First has more offices abroad, and more local bank accounts as a result of that.
  8. Wise can work with US customers. World First is not providing this service anymore.

To summarise:

  • Wise is young, hip, flashy, cheap, transparent and great for everyday money transfers.
  • World First is reliable, diverse and global company that focuses on working with corporate clients ONLY.

The bottom line is that comparing World First and Wise is really choosing between two of the best companies in this industry (both rank in the top 3 best companies overall on

How to choose between Wise vs WorldFirst

So far we have written 500 words on this comparison piece and still, there is no definite answer. Which one is better to use?

Use if you need to send a low amount of $10,000 or less.

Use World First if you want to send more than $10,000 and you are doing it as a business.

Looking to use World First?

Use the link below to become eligible for preferential rates with a fixed markup.

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Looking to use Wise?

Use the link below to sign up with Wise. View the rates you will be expecting before sign up!

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We hope this Wise versus World First comparison has helped you make up your mind. View our full comparison section below: